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Greetings! Are you a photographer and want to make a portfolio website for yourself? Or just want to share your work with the world? Perhaps you want to make a website as a gift for your friend or loved one? Whatever the reason, in any case, this selection of templates for the photographer’s website will be useful to you.

The presence of a portfolio is critical for representatives of such a field of activity as photography. Creating a site for posting copyright works will take less time if you use the specialized WordPress site template for photography as its basis. Such templates have a design that meets the needs of the industry, many of them are developed in close collaboration with professional photographers. Niche “Photography” is considered one of the most popular among universal templates, so you can find a large number of demo sites for it.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

34 Photographer WordPress templates for personal photography portfolio website.

template for the photographer’s site

1. TwoFold Photography – Creative Photography Theme

TwoFold Photography is a premium theme. You can easily create a portfolio photo by placing everything in two columns. It is just something! If you want to impress and stand out among competitors, take it. Why? Because not many do it. Very creative scrolling of works.


  • 7 different home pages;
  • 6 layouts for albums and galleries;
  • 3 pages with various filters;
  • 3 types of hover effects;
  • 3 different blog layouts;

You can create your own unique structure, as well as create a video gallery from your photo.

The new update also adds integration with WooCommerce. Now you can sell your work directly from the site!





2. Phlox Pro

A universal photography template created using the Elementor constructor. There are templates for every taste and for every purpose, including for different portfolios. Unlimited adding of new blocks, animations, effects. Own selection of icons. The ability to blog on the basis of the site.





3. Altaframe – photo school demo

Initially, a photographer template for drone shooting services which can be used for the site of a photographer, artist, director, animator. There is a special demo with an emphasis on portrait photography, food photography. The animations of headings, text, galleries are actively used. Unlimited color scheme customization; premium WordPress plugins are included.





4. Ohio

Creative WordPress theme for portfolio of photographer, artist, video editor. You can add any content to a pre-prepared portfolio gallery. There are demos in various color schemes that look different from each other. In addition to the designers to customize the appearance, there are more than 380 elements – from shortcodes to UI settings. Download speed – less than a second thanks to optimization.




minimalism theme photo

5. Kalium – a universal set of demos

Kalium will arouse interest among creative individuals. With its help, you can create the perfect template for a personal website, because the theme has a large number of functions and options. This photography template is suitable not only for photographers, in itself it is universal and suitable for a blogger, educational platform, freelancer, etc.

But of course there is a demo on photo themes and it is in the style of minimalism.

In the set you will find free bonuses of total cost $ 246!

gift plugins

And also pay attention to the support of more than 4000 different fonts, of which more than 800 are free from Google.

Constant free updates and support are a nice bonus. Pay attention to how stylish and beautiful everything is on the site.





6. Photography WISO

A simple convenient Photography WordPress template with the function of placing a portfolio and a special slider for zooming, automatic or preset scrolling. Minimalist design does not distract from the work in the collection. In total, it offers 34 options, each of which can always be changed to your liking. Integrated with the online store, there are many settings for online sales.




massive dynamic

7. Massive Dynamic

Another theme from the series of premium designers is Massive Dynamic. This is a good wordpress template for creating a website of absolutely any orientation. The developers tried to make it possible to create a site by dragging and dropping the necessary elements.

Demo is great for portfolio. Nothing more – on the left is the menu, on the right are works. You can present your work in 3 styles: 2 options in the grid style and 1 parallax.

The developers promise high download speed and good optimization of the template code for the SEO.

In addition, Massive Builder is optimized for any device. You can appreciate most of the possibilities by opening a demo on your computer and on your phone.





8. Nightshade

An unusually stylish spectacular theme for photography websites with the maximum orientation for showing beautiful photos: the title screen displays a picture that can be animated to create a greater effect. An ideal template for placing a portfolio, demonstrating works – nothing more, minimalism combined with excellent style. Ease of configuration is guaranteed by the included plug-ins.





9. Responsive Photography Theme

Responsive Photography Theme is currently the best selling wordpress theme for the photographer. The template has over 300 preview options that you can use on the site.

Acquaintance with the demo begins with the words “we are photography” and that’s it!)

In the kit you will find:

  • 24 demos
  • 70+ gallery and portfolio creation variations
  • Ability to create galleries for customers. This feature will attract more visitors to your site and make it more popular by increasing the content.
  • 8 types of menus
  • 2 premium plugins for free: Revolution slider ($ 19) and iLightbox ($ 15)

Photography is compatible with woocommerce. At the same time, a direct link to purchase photos has been added to the gallery. Thus, you can shop without leaving the gallery.

Run this demo to actually see how competently and conveniently everything is done.




crocal wordpress

10. Crocal

One of the winners of the Envato contest, this template was noted for its beautiful design and advanced features for customization, viewing. Twelve fully-made portfolio sites for posting photos or other displays, plus more than three hundred additional options to make the resource unique. Easy way to download data, powerful admin panel, loading speed – 98% on PageSpeed.





11. NOAH is a relatively new wordpress template that has its own specific charm.

Take pictures of people, take landscapes or objects. Travel the world and tell about yourself with the help of pictures. With NOAH, this is possible. See for yourself with an example. NOAH is able to convey all your emotions.

It is interesting that the renowned photographers rendered invaluable assistance in developing the demo: Julia Chernykh, Dilian Florentin, etc.




Photo School Template

12. Moone

A nice delicate design immediately attracts attention, and paying attention to the photographer or anyone who places a visual portfolio is due to the fact that the template is equipped with a modern GT3 slider that creates a smooth scrolling effect. Created on the basis of the Elementor constructor, the ability to create individual elements and edit headers, footers is included.




photo theme

13. Kordex

A spectacular landing that is worth a try for the sake of:

  • 100% responsiveness, adaptability for Retina;
  • powerful color settings;
  • built-in calendar plugin;

Special convenience for the photographer: anti-theft plug-in, which will not allow you to simply save images and use without permission. All settings in the visual editor mode.




for the photographer

14. Border

BORDER is a chic and easy-to-use wordPress photo theme designed for professional photographers and tailored to their needs. The template features an intuitive interface with easy access to all the necessary functions.

BORDER differs from many non-standard transitions between the pages of the site. They are unexpected, but at the same time simple, and help to focus on photographs. You can customize the animation for both slides and galleries with photos. You can overlay text on top of the photo and also animate it, it looks interesting.





15. Lens

This theme was developed by the same pixelgrade guys as the previous version of Border, so you can trace similar features in the design and description, but there are still differences. Here you can see stunning full-screen slide shows and galleries with smooth animated transitions between pages.

Photographers do not need to think about how to create their unrivaled story from a photo. Thanks to its features, LENS strives to anticipate user expectations.

You can feel the new ones by following this link.




templates for the photographer’s site

16. Photography is a great WordPress photo template for creating a portfolio, photo stories, blog or for commercial use.

A simple and rigorous design (an example can be seen here) is combined with advanced features. A large number of different formats are supported, including external links to audio and video content.

You can make packages to pay for your services or training, as well as add a form for booking the dates of photo shoots, create a page with reviews and contacts.

At the same time, you get a quick website with the ability to password protect the pages you need.

If we evaluate this option in more detail, then we will see great opportunities to use it for our business in the field of photography.





17. PILE – Bold. Stylish. Minimalism.

The simple and intuitive creation process is provided by the unique Project Builder technology, which supports the drag-and-drop interface (regular drag and drop). At first glance, it seems that the PILE design contradicts itself: simple in its complexity, substantial in minimalism. See for yourself.




bright photo theme

18. H-code – many functions

H-Code is suitable for those who want to reveal their creative potential. Don’t want to limit yourself to a simple portfolio? Then choose the H-code. Use the full functionality of the theme at full power and make a cool site.

On the demo we see:

  1. Slider on the first screen
  2. On the second screen, a grid of photos and a preview of the page, post and quote
  3. The following are portfolio topics
  4. Then we see the combined work, with the ability to sort by category and with a creative cursor in the form of plus and minus
  5. Bottom quote on background with parallax, contacts and basement.

You can customize all this for yourself today and be one of the thousands who will have such a resource. Go for it! 🙂

Developers – ThemeZaa is attentive to every little thing, and therefore carefully approached the development of each element. Thanks to this approach, the topic turned out to be multifunctional. And 6 months of full support will help to understand all the intricacies. Check it out first hand.


black and white template for photo

19. Bridge

A universal theme with a significant bias in creativity. The purpose of the site on Bridge is not only to impress with the design, but also to bring the result in the form of a good conversion. Among the demos on the template there are stylish sites for photo studios. Using the Timetable plugin, you can add an interactive schedule to them and organize online recording for shooting.




wedding site

20. Uncode

Creative multifunctional template. The Adaptive Pictures tool monitors client screen settings and optimizes image size. The theme will help to create a beautiful photo portfolio with animated loading and lightbox enlargement of each element. When designing a portfolio, a grid layout and any of the 70+ custom options are available.





21. Framed Photography

A template that will allow you to place your portfolio in several styles – traditional, tabular, stylized for placement on Instagram, full-screen. At any time, the settings change with one click. Creative and simple design does not attract attention, allowing you to consider the work. There is integration with the WooCommerce plugin for selling works.





22. Objektiv

The WordPress template for the photographer is offered in a dark and light design. Nothing more, focus on the content itself. Premium plugins are included – WPBakery, Slider Revolution, a selection of unique shortcodes will help make the resource truly authorial and not like the others. The ability to purchase your favorite images is included.




white option

23. Photo Me

Specialized template for a website gallery or photo blog. Photo Me includes 8 demos, including full-screen / boxed, with / without menus, a business card with parallax, and 50+ portfolio and gallery page options. For the photo catalog, you can use the proposed layout options or create your own using the visual designer.




site with large photos

24. Oyster

Creative photo WordPress template for sites with the layout “page width”. Modern responsive design and flexibility in customization allow you to customize the template in accordance with the needs of the web project. The photo is demonstrated through a full-screen slider, a Masonry gallery, a slider from fragments of pictures.




clean design

25. Clean Photo

A WordPress theme for those who need a photo gallery or portfolio site. The template focuses on the use of premium retina-ready content and uses plugins Visual Composer, ACF PRO, Slider Revolution. Options for placing photos: a slider with a preview tape, a picture full screen, in 2 columns. You can add a feed from Instagram to the site.




dark soho design

26. Soho

Template for sites of the subject “Photo” / “Video” with a full-screen design. When developing Soho, an advanced version of the GT3 built-in page builder and a performance optimization system were used. The main page of the site on the template has no scrolling and consists of a large slider, the elements of which are photos or videos, and the photos can be in the portrait orientation.




photo food, restaurant

27. Mira

Elegant template with a “responsive” design for the photo blog of a writer, traveler, designer or photographer. The theme suggested 15+ options for the layout of the publication feed, available for viewing through pagination or endless scrolling. Mira has the option to display meta data (name, date, category) under the title photo of the post.





28. Infinite

A diverse adaptive theme for any project. Infinite has created over 20 high-quality demos that are fully or partially installed using the Demo Importer tool. Aperture demo is a multi-page site for photographers with a title slider from work samples, a 4-column photo gallery with tabs by category, a slider from customer reviews, and brief information about the photographer.





29. The7

A universal responsive photography template that offers many customization tools. More than 30 demos on The7 use Slider Revolution and Visual Composer, which the buyer saves on by purchasing a template. Using the demo site for the photographer The Seven Photography as a basis, you can get a one-page page with a horizontal slider from portfolio works and a preview tape or a multi-page site with a blog and gallery.




Bw photo

30. Jupiter

An advanced adaptive website builder that belongs to the category of universal. Jupiter provides 3 portfolio design options, 6 hover effects on photos, lightbox viewing and can be used as a website template for photography. Demo “Locaste” – a ready-made photo catalog with a left menu. The site’s portfolio is configured by the number of columns (from 3 to 5) and the layout style: classic, grid, masonry.





31. Photography Sansara

Fashionable design that allows you to place not only photos, but also accompanying music, video. Stylish lauouts makes an impression at first sight, forcing to remember the site and a specific portfolio. Suitable for freelance photographers, photo studios, design companies. Installation and configuration does not require knowledge of web programming.




photographer blog theme

32. Photosy Photography

Minimalistic WordPress photography landing page with expandability due to:

  • blog features;
  • ease of updating – the admin panel is visually understandable;
  • enabled sliders – you can demonstrate work in motion;
  • adaptability for mobile viewing.

The authors declare a full automatic SEO-optimization of each loaded page. You can add an unlimited number of materials.




bw photo

33. Engage

A large multi-template that offers you to choose one of 120 styles with an already fully developed design. Changing details is very easy – all settings are carried out using the online editor. There is support for a video portfolio, as well as detailed instructions for those who want to try additional features of a powerful tool. Many useful plugins are included.




Sale of equipment

34. PhotoLab

The template is perfect for selling equipment for photography and creating a portfolio.



Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

I really tried to collect the best themes for the photo industry, because I am not indifferent to photography. I really hope that this collection was useful to you, and if so, you can write in the comments which template you liked most, and write questions if they appear. I was glad to talk with you in the format of the article and see you in other articles! 🙂

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