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Yoga and retreats are gaining popularity by chance. This is a way to combine a healthy lifestyle, sports training with a kind of psychotherapy. The practices known to the monks of India and Tibet are great for modern people who are forced to live in constant stress.

Yoga, meditation training services are an excellent type of business that will attract people who are able and willing to pay for leisure and sports activities “in one package”. The audience includes a wide selection – from office workers to housewives, from businessmen to students. All of them are united by the fact that they will search for a suitable yoga studio via the Internet. So, WordPress website templates for Yoga studio come in handy.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

Top 26 Yoga WordPress Templates for meditation, retreats, health websites and Yoga studios

Yoga pattern modern

1. Phlox Pro

A bright selection of templates with spectacular parallax scrolling and an interesting design solution: block design, many beautiful animations. Such a resource will surely be remembered by the user due to the attractive appearance. From the point of view of the admin panel it is proposed:

  • created on the Elementor constructor – maximum pixel-accurate display, ease of settings;
  • several color schemes – from basic bright purple to burgundy;
  • high download speed;
  • online booking of yoga time is provided;
  • More than 160 graphics and display settings specially for the Elementor plugin.

In total, more than 80 design blanks on various topics are offered. An excellent stylish theme is provided for yoga courses. See 80 more templates with Elementor constructor here.




Yoga Center

2. Holistic Center

Retreat business card template, SPA-center, combining outdoor activities with relaxation and meditation. It includes a convenient demo for Yoga lessons websites, where everyone can decide on a level, from beginner to advanced. There is an opportunity online to choose a convenient time – this will help a special Event Manager plugin or just a calendar. The kit offers two completely different design solutions, both in bright colors, one with an emphasis on green, the other on blue. Both are easily customizable, retaining mobile adaptability to any changes. There is a store functionality with an advanced basket and the ability to compare products.




Shop yoga goods

3. Yoga Shop

A classic WordPress landing, offering a fairly traditional design with a title picture and the ability to talk about services and benefits in the form of multiple scroll screens. Interesting in support and already provided store options, the ability to expand the theme to a major resource. Design settings are easily changed thanks to the built-in WPBakery plugin, with which you can always change the appearance of the resource without coding. The store is offered in two options: a grid or an emphasis on certain goods and services.

You can see 40 more templates for the online store in this article.




Temple site template

4. Great Lotus

WordPress theme, stylized as an oriental temple where meditations are held, ancient traditions of yoga are observed. Lightweight unobtrusive design really refers to the Buddhist theme, sets up the user in the right way. Nice design and convenient navigation are complemented by excellent features:

  • many settings options, including for header and footer;
  • a calendar is provided with the ability to highlight events – for example, lectures or special yoga classes;
  • beautiful blanks for different pages, including the possibility of blogging;
  • donation plugin – useful both as a payment for services, and if the organization is conceived as a charity.

Customize color schemes with one click, as well as installation. The main plugins are included in the price, you do not have to buy.




bridge theme wordpress

Yoga Landing on WordPress

5. Bridge

One of the largest collections of responsive Yoga studios WordPress templates – from business card sites to powerful portals with a detailed basket, advanced search, and maintaining user personal pages. For yoga, meditation, online training provides a pleasant template in pastel colors with beautiful photographs, accents. There is also a calendar in the form of a grid, which helps to choose a convenient time for classes. Convenient advanced forms, integration with social networks. Visual customization and Google fonts make working with templates as easy as possible.




Nirvana Studio

6. Nirvana

Nice light tempate with three basic blanks: all are made according to the same principle, white background and bright pictures. Standard graphics are attached, but instead of blanks, you can put your photos using the built-in Visual Composer plugin. The authors provided for the convenience of recording – a calendar, the announcement of various events, integration with WooCommerce. One hundred percent responsiveness and excellent display on mobile devices. The solution is simple, but “easy”, the site loads quickly.




Yoga studio

7. Yogastudio

Minimalistic and simple Yoga landing page. The soft colors look soothing, the main picture immediately causes the visitor the necessary associations. The design can be saved or changed using the built-in WPBakery designer, which offers a visual setting for the site. There are also convenient options:

  1. a calendar plugin with the ability to set time for classes – convenient for the visitor;
  2. integration under WooCommerce;
  3. ready-made pages for forms, information on courses, a section on trainers.
  4. The template is fully adaptive in accordance with the requirements of 2020, looks good on any mobile device.




Online Yoga Courses

8. Jogasana – Landing Online Yoga Lessons

An interesting version of Yoga lessons WordPress templates: it focuses on webinars and yoga training. The creative design of the “block” style is combined in this template with the original color scheme: white background and green or pink or purple elements.

  • embed video;
  • personal trainer consultations;
  • the possibility of streaming;
  • payment online.

Useful features are ideal for online yoga courses. There are four options, all bright and attractive, will surely make the user stay longer.





9. Anahata – Retreat

Template for yoga retreat centers. Twelve bright, creative pages will help determine the appearance and use specific features. Plugins are standard for the format of yoga centers and sports sites – a calendar for choosing a convenient time, Google maps, the ability to send. Additionally, vector elements are offered. Complete documentation is offered – from changing color schemes to fine-tuning animations and effects.




be yoga

10. BeYoga

A charming landing page that combines the capabilities of a fitness center or yoga center with a store selling accessories necessary for classes. The authors suggest:

  • the possibility of blogging – provided immediately for a special design;
  • built-in Visual Composer plugin – any element is easily replaced;
  • record, class selection, basket – everything is built-in;
  • ready-made developments for different programs, settings – you just need to substitute your information.

Payment can be accepted using the WooCommerce system, which is especially convenient for an online store.




minimalist style

11. Elaine – minimalism style

A small but effective minimalistic selection of templates with the themes of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, sports and yoga. A light design with attractive vector and raster elements “catches” at first glance, I want to consider every detail. The information is submitted as competently as possible, allows you to talk about the services offered, additional options. It is possible to connect the store in Instagram style with WooCommerce integration and payment through the site. The color scheme changes online thanks to the WPBakery plugin.




do yoga

12. Do Yoga

Another universal and minimalistic landing page with the possibility of expanding to a sporting goods store and everything for yoga. A great option for studios that offer classes and related paraphernalia at the same time. From the point of view of the admin panel, there are a lot of nice options:

  • Built-in blog functionality – allows you to announce new items, talk about the features of yoga, etc .;
  • convenient sale, basket and other elements of online trading;
  • the ability to record at a convenient time;
  • many animations and features.

Over 99 options and a huge selection of Google fonts in combination with excellent SEO settings will help to make a large website out of a one-page template.





13. Asana

A workpiece marked by prizes for the quality of design and the convenience of UX-management from the point of view of the user. It includes everything you need: from organizing events, yoga classes, additional trainings, lectures, etc. and to the possibility of selling accessories, items for meditation, accompanying merchandise. Light minimalistic designs with several “main pictures” are easy to customize in the visual editor. This is a very simple, yet universal theme, which is always easy to customize for your own tasks.




yoga and spa

14. Yoga & Spa

A selection of five creative designs for creating a yoga courses website, fitness centers, SPA treatments. The theme is sustained at the level of pictures and additional design elements, which creates the desired mood. It offers two completely finished pages with additional tabs, which can simply be downloaded to the server and replaced only with standard text. Over 150 animations, features, extensive color customization and WooCommerce integration. A universal template for landing with the ability to expand to larger projects.




WordPress Website Template

15. Yoga Fit – Yoga and Fitness

An elegant template for fitness centers and yoga studios with many animations and convenient design elements that simplify navigation. In terms of colors, it is a harmonious combination of pastel shades, it looks universal and cute. Features provided by the authors include:

  • advanced calendar plugin – hourly recording, if several classes on the same day;
  • A huge selection of animations, widgets, settings;
  • compatibility with the designer of Gutenberg;
  • many ready-made plugins, easy to connect others.

Several blanks are offered that differ in color and additional graphic elements. All of them are included in one set.





16. Tantra

Stylish dark theme with creative catchy design. The plugin used for visual adjustment of WPBakery will help you easily change details, substitute the necessary pictures, additional elements. One-click installation, configuration using the Drag and Drop system, which does not require coding knowledge. Optimization is provided for search engines, as well as a mobile display that preserves all the nuances of the design. The beautiful parallax effect of the background remains relevant in 2020.




Yoga theme for the site.

17. Kriya Yoga

Delicate thematic design with an abundance of aesthetic oriental elements sets the user in the right way. Color settings are already selected taking into account comfort for the visitor’s eyes, but you can always change them in the visual plugin. The settings of the calendar that is installed on the site will help determine the opening hours of the fitness center, yoga studio or other similar destination, and the person who visits the site will determine the time convenient for him. A large selection of plugins, widgets, additional options – all this is included in the price, you will not need to pay separately.




Body exercises

18. Yoga X

According to the authors of the template, “an excellent choice for yoga, Pilates, meditation practices.” Suitable for both studio and online courses website. Simple light design creates the desired mood. The admin panel offers:

  • Bootstrap layout is the simplest and most accurate at the moment;
  • unlimited color gamut;
  • several hundred google cyrillic fonts;
  • plugins for choosing the date and time of attending classes.

The basic settings plugin, Visual Composer, remains the “gold standard” for WordPress templates, you can replace it with another if you wish.




Fitness club

19. Fitness Club

A selection of templates for various styles of fitness club, sports center, yoga classes. There are options in a dark and light design, in the design of a traditional landing page or in a block version of “under Instagram.” All these blanks are included in one universal template, which will be easy to customize using the built-in plugin. You can change colors, set the calendar, fonts. The kit includes raster and vector graphics, including specially designed icons.




landing wordpress

20. Gym Edge

A theme for the site of a personal trainer in fitness or yoga, as well as in any other sport. The portfolio functionality will allow you to tell about your achievements, explain to the visitor why you should prefer the offered services. The basic design is designed in several styles: from “brutal” to delicate, designed specifically for yoga, Pilates, etc. There are several useful plugins, in addition to the standard ones – calendar, feedback forms, body mass calculator included. Integration under WooCommerce is provided.




Shop for yoga inventory

21. UpStore

A selection of WordPress templates, declared as multi-purpose. In the demo you can appreciate the beautiful stylish designs developed by professionals. Offered:

  • 15 options for fully finished sites – for yoga and sports there is an excellent bright landing page;
  • 11 options for headers and footers;
  • Ample opportunities of an online store with a basket and user registration.

Templates are characterized by perfect responsiveness and look spectacular on mobile versions, and at the same time, they load quickly thanks to special optimization of graphics and functions.




Yoga courses

22. BeTheme

One of the most powerful collections of WordPress templates, which currently includes more than four hundred workpieces. Sports and yoga topics have always remained one of the most popular, so there are many interesting professional designs. All necessary plugins and compatibility are included, the basic visual editor is WPBakery. Round-the-clock support and full documentation on all the nuances of configuration, installation, additional features.




spa theme for the project

23. Edema

The charming gentle design of the template for the SPA-center immediately sets you on relaxation and the desire to visit a place where you can relax and unwind. Competent design with beautiful elements and clear navigation.

The theme includes:

  • the ability to record procedures online;
  • advanced contact forms;
  • Many options for placing photos in portfolio mode.

Ready-made animations, settings, SEO-optimization save time as much as possible at the preparatory stage. You can simply download the template, put your own text and photos and start working.




Practice Spiritual Website

24. Mandala

Template for natural food cafe, teahouse. Perfect for various courses, allows you to announce events – lectures, preparing drinks and dishes, you can immediately place a menu. A pleasant combination of colors sets in a calm meditative atmosphere. Integration with social networks is provided.




Alternative medicine

25. Avicenna – Alternative Medicine

Template for WordPress, dedicated to meditation, alternative medicine, healing. Compatible with Gutenberg Designer. Built using modern HTML, CSS settings, feedback forms and other site-specific features relevant to 2020 are used. From the point of view of appearance – a nice stylish page, designed as a landing page, but with options for expanding to a large portal, support for blog, galleries is provided. A lot of beautiful animations.




Site for the temple

26. Vihara – a template for the temple

The gentle design and stylish combination of colors of this landing page for the temple, yoga classes and metative practices evoke an atmosphere of calm, tranquility. The authors made sure that the appearance was as pleasing to the eye as possible. Options are included:

  1. Instagram support;
  2. recordings at a convenient time thanks to the calendar plugin;
  3. the possibility of payment or collection of donated funds;
  4. blanks for the program, team and other necessary sections.

The design looks equally great on a computer and mobile devices due to mobile adaptability. The feeling of solemnity, which should be inherent in the temple, is fully preserved.



Yoga is becoming synonymous with a healthy lifestyle, longevity, physical and psychological comfort. People are willing to pay to improve their quality of life with the help of ancient oriental practices in a modern interpretation. If you conduct courses in this direction, no matter in the studio or online, sell thematic attributes – just select one of these beautiful, professionally made WordPress templates and get started.

Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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