24 Gutenberg WordPress Templates


Gutenberg. This plugin has become a revolutionary weapon for editing text content and all related aspects. In fact, the Gutenberg plugin was exactly the innovation that fans of the WordPress platform have been anxiously waiting for many years. With the advent of this plugin to online audiences, new editing opportunities have opened up. Now editing of publications and creation of new content has become even faster and much more convenient!

What else can you find in the package of submitted Gutenberg templates for WordPress? In addition to the already mentioned Gutenberg plugin, netizens will get a ton of stylish and useful options by choosing one of the 30 templates below. For example, becoming the owner of any of these WordPress templates with Gutenberg support, the user receives the following functions for his / her future site:

  • adaptability, the site will work perfectly on various devices with a small screen resolution,
  • SEO-friendly design that has already been optimized in accordance with the latest requirements of search engines;
  • trending design, including such options as MegaMenu, a blog and gallery, as well as other necessary pages ready for use;
  • powerful admin interface;
  • absolutely creator-friendly design that promises easy website editing without code operations, many options for changing UI elements, etc.

25 Gutenberg WordPress Templates with Gutenberg plugin Support

25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

1. Gutentype

As you can see, Gutentype is a simple and fresh WordPress template, based on the Gutenberg page builder, which is ideal for blogging on almost any topic, including viral blogs, how-to blogs, liveways, news pages, etc. Theme is a great option for building a business site that reveals topics such as cryptocurrency, news, gaming, consulting, freelance, media, etc.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

2. Jacqueline

Jacqueline is a theme for WordPress, which has been popular for many years among owners of spas, beauty salons, beauty shops and so on. This theme was re-released with Gutenberg support, but it still includes a lot of useful features in its package, including Spa salon Booking appointments and management. Now online users can easily sign up for the procedures they are interested in, because this action will become possible directly on the site.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

3. Revirta

To begin with, Revirta is not only Gutenberg-ready, but also a GDPR template for managers, consultants and other professionals. Revirta is an incredibly flexible theme that allows you to customize the design of the template as much as possible and make it exactly the way the user wants. In addition, the popular WP Bakery Page Builder is included with this theme for WordPress.





4. Gutenberry

Gutenberry is a multifunctional theme designed in a minimalistic style. Its functionality allows you to create exactly the blog that you have always dreamed about. Thanks to the tools that are included in her package, you should not have any difficulties. You can edit the design and work with content without any effort. You will also receive six homepage options. Do not forget that you have the opportunity to choose between six unique blog layouts that will present your posts in the best possible way.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

5. MaxiNet

Like every worthy theme for the WordPress website, MaxiNet includes many ready-made online pages, but that’s not all, there are premium plugins in the package of this template. Of course, choosing MaxiNet to create an online business project, the user will receive Gutenberg, plus:

  • WordPress Bakery (Visual Composer);
  • GDPR Framework,
  • Revolution Slider,
  • Essential Grid.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

6. Alliance

Alliance is another excellent example of a theme equipped with the popular WordPress plugin Gutenberg. First of all, this WordPress template focuses on convenience (both the site owner and visitors), as well as on the appearance of the online project. Nowadays it is very important to remember that a user-friendly interface is no less important than the content of the site itself, so we recommend that you pay due attention to this item.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

7. Hoverex

At the beginning of this article, it was already said that the templates shown in the WordPress selection were equipped with a mobile-ready design, so let’s figure out why this is necessary for the modern site owner? In fact, the numbers speak for themselves, because in 2018 already more than half of all received traffic does not belong to stationary computers, namely to mobile devices. Yes, and is it worth wondering? In the end, to make purchases, look for the necessary services, evaluate goods and order them at home – this is exactly what we do in between work or while standing in traffic jams. For this simple reason, every modern site needs a reduced version of content that should look perfect on mobile devices.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

8. HotLock

Continuing the theme of adaptability of WordPress templates and compatibility with mobile devices of different sizes, let us find out exactly what functions this option carries with the example of the following template. As you can see, HotLock comes with Mobile Device Optimization.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

9. Dr. Patterson

So, our next WordPress template is called Dr. Patterson and, of course, this product was created for companies, firms, shops and other institutions that are directly related to medicine. Opening the details of the theme, the user will see that Dr. Patterson is a fully SEO-ready template that only helps to identify and increase the audience of the future site. In this matter, the main task of this option is the following action: to help Google and other search engines find the right website. Highlighting it among hundreds of similar online projects.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

10. Car Parts Store & Auto Services WordPress Theme

WordPress provides a wide selection of various demos, so that each user can easily find the website template that his business needs. Among products that support the Gutenberg plugin, one can also find templates such as Auto Parts – made specifically for the business of repairing / selling cars, spare parts, etc. For this, the presented template has full WooCommerce compatibility, which will help the user launch a real online shop.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

11. ProDent

It is worth starting with the fact that ProDent is a high-class template with support for the Gutenberg plug-in, the package of which immediately contains 3 fully designed variations for the home page. In fact, ProDent is another universal option for medical institutions, so with this website template you can create a website dedicated to:

  • medical center
  • to the dentist
  • care for hair, nails, skin,
  • cosmetology
  • dermatological clinic
  • plastic surgery, etc.

Fortunately, ProDent is extremely easy to use and does not need coding skills like any other special knowledge.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

12. Drone Media

Speaking of Drone Media, this is an absolutely responsive and easy-to-edit WordPress template that looks perfect on any device. The theme is easy to customize with the built-in option called Customizer, so that the user can always change the appearance of the template to suit his needs. In addition, Drone Media has regular automatic updates, always available for the site owner. Remember to take a look at the demo of this excellent template.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

13. Deviox

Returning to the outside of the issue, in the 21st century, of course, there are a great many different trends in web design designed to improve the appearance of the website and distinguish it from the crowd of other projects. And although not all of the current trends really make sense, one can not help but pay attention to the Parallax effect – an amazing visual element that creates the illusion of depth and movement.

In the Deviox package, the user will find everything that you might need to create a charming Parallax effect background. With its help, you can easily attract the attention of online users and unobtrusively familiarize the audience with the contents of the website.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

14. Windsor

It’s time to talk a little about the functionality of modern websites, because this side of the online project is no less important than the appearance of the site itself. With the help of a properly constructed business site, the user can easily find partners, customers and sponsors abroad without any extra effort.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

15. AlphaColor

Well, those who are in search of a reliable and creative design for their website should definitely look at AlphaColor, because inside this website template you can find an incredible many unique solutions. In addition, this WordPress template with Gutenberg support allows its owner to choose among several ready-made color schemes, as well as create their own variations. Frankly, when working with AlphaColor, the user will be able to change literally any design element: from icons to footers. All elements of this template are flexible and very easy to edit, while the theme itself is 100% user-friendly.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

16. Hope

In short, Hope is another Gutenberg ready WordPress theme that was created specifically for organizations related to donations and charitable contributions. In fact, this template has no restrictions on the subject, so it is ideal for any company whose work, one way or another, is associated with charity. In the Hope package, the user will find Give, a popular donation plugin that is rightly considered the best choice for foundations and other charitable organizations. By the way, Hope is also well suited for websites that talk about helping children, supporting patients, keeping homeless animals, free education for the poor, etc.






25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

17. Mae

Like all products for WordPress sites equipped with the Gutenberg plugin, Mae will give its owner an amazing experience in editing posts using the latest technology. Needless to say, the Mae package contains components that the user may need to create a full-blown blog. There are also various layers ready for use, choosing which the user will receive his blog in a matter of seconds. There is a set of minimalistic icons, as well as hundreds of readable fonts for the correct presentation of text content.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

18. Myth

Continuing the theme of the blog, which, of course, is equipped with the following template, not only texts are important, but also the images that adorn them. It is for this reason that Myth invites its owner to use a feature called Featured Images, which was created specifically to enhance photos. Thanks to Featured Images, the owner of the specified template will be able to emphasize the necessary details and present your blog in a more favorable light.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

19. Lamark

Lamark is a minimalistic online portfolio with support for the Gutenberg plugin, which was designed specifically for freelancers, designers, agencies (large and small), etc. In short, this theme for the WordPress website was released for those netizens who need to share their work with the world and do it in a professional way. To ensure that this process does not take much effort or time, the Lamark package contains a high-speed Elementor Page Builder. This undoubted leader among editors for WordPress sites is based on drag and drop technology, so users of any level of knowledge can work with Elementor.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

20. Refer

In fact, Refer is a premium theme for the WordPress website, which was created specifically for online commerce, so the components of the package of this template are focused specifically on online sales. For the rest, Refer is suitable for absolutely any type of business, as it is another multifunctional template with Gutenberg support. Along with other popular options, the template owner will find within the Refer package an unlimited number of variations for the portfolio, a whole bunch of blog styles, an infinite number of color schemes and so on.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

21. Princess

To begin with, it is worth mentioning the fact that the Princess template is designed to emphasize the merits of services or products promoted with its help. To do this, inside Princess is not only a full-fledged WooCommerce package, but also such beautiful features as Video & Image Slider, which were added specifically to decorate the look of the online project. Naturally, the use of a video slider will help the site owner to increase sales, since using this function, you can unobtrusively present any new items. By the way, the slider is suitable not only for promotional items, but also for information on promotions and so on.




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

22. NaturaLife

When it comes to NaturaLife, it’s time to talk about numbers, because this amazing template for a WordPress site with support for the Gutenberg plugin includes 65 templates. All these are professionally prepared online pages, which can be safely called ready-made, because, using NaturaLife, the user will be able to build the desired website for business with the speed of light. This template is incredibly easy to install, update, customize and use in general, so working with NaturaLife will be simple and pleasant.





25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

23. Rigid

Rigid is another noteworthy WordPress template for online commerce, which will give the user everything that he / she might want to use to create an eCommerce site. The template also comes with free technical support for the whole 6 months, so the user will have enough time to figure it out. Well, and a special highlight of the Rigid template – it is perfect not only for an online store, but also for launching a full-fledged marketplace!




25 WordPress Templates with Gutenberg Support

24. Consultor

If a user needs a WordPress theme related to business consulting, Consultor is a great choice because this template was fully equipped and now has a huge list of built-in elements and options. Firstly, the Consultor package contains a rich collection of powerful shortcodes and attractive widgets that can modernize any design in a split second. Secondly, this template for the WordPress site also has a premium constructor based on drag & drop technology, so creating new online pages will be easy. Thirdly, together with Consultor, the user receives a number of pages ready for use: “About the company”, the home page, “Our prices”, “Our services”, “Our projects”, a place for information about company employees, etc.



So our today’s fresh selection of 24 website templates for the WordPress site with the support of the Gutenberg plugin has come to an end. As you can see, each of these themes are fully user-friendly. Templates are easy to install, update and use. The process of creating web design will now take even less time! The same can be said about editing site content. In general, the WordPress templates presented are revolutionary products that make building a website a process for everyone! It’s time to forget what coding is together with templates for websites on the VP.

Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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