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Sushi Rolls, pizza, burgers, wok noodles in Chinese are the favorite dishes of most people, and business development does not require anything but a small kitchen with food supplies, a courier and a resource, for which it is enough to set a template for a food delivery site. Don’t want to hire a programmer? Use one of the twenty plus top WordPress food delivery website templates.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

How to choose a WordPress food theme to create a food delivery website?

Templates are selected for CMS WordPress, because it is the most popular platform for websites, online stores and other web resources. The subject of food sales, especially fast food, is first of all:

  1. Positive emotions. A person came to the website with the desire to buy tasty food, help him with this with the help of bright attractive graphics, “tasty” photos;
  2. The template should definitely be with bright elements and color scheme.no boring, serious, pastel colors;
  3. Photo of food comes first. The remaining elements should emphasize your menu, and not vice versa. For this purpose, you can select a template with a dark (blue, black) background;
  4. Easy order. The visitor should make an order easily, without unnecessary difficulties. Suggest a choice: call, application, callback widget.

Correctly made templates do not require special knowledge in the field of web programming. You can just buy a ready-made website with the whole design, edit the text and pictures for yourself. In 2020, the platform continues to evolve, and the following may be ideal solutions.

24 Food Delivery WordPress Templates – pizza, sushi rolls, wok, burgers, kebab.

burger pattern

1. Kolbern – 7 demos on various topics

The design of the burger delivery WordPress template is adapted to the theme of nutrition. In the set you will find 7 ready-made demos:

  1. Burger bar
  2. A cafe
  3. Blog about the cuisine of different countries of the world
  4. Bakery products
  5. Vegetarianism
  6. desserts
  7. Modern restaurant

Along with the template, you get: 7 styles of the restaurant menu, based on the WPBakery designer, gallery widget, slider revolution plugin, application forms, etc.




template for pizzeria site

2. KALLYAS – pizza delivery landing page

This is an extremely simple and at the same time universal template. The whole setup system is built on the principle of Drag and Drop – that is, you only need to pick up the pictures in advance and insert them into the already prepared design. No time to do these things? Take the site template for the delivery of pizza, burgers or other dishes.

You’ll get:

  • attractive hat in the traditional style of “wooden background and delicious food close-up”;
  • the possibility of fine-tuning – for example, the client will be able not only to choose pizza, but also independently compose a recipe from the ingredients;
  • The author offers video instructions if you are at a loss with setup.

Appetizing simple design in white and brown tones does not distract attention from the main thing – food. This is the most important thing, because the user must literally drown in saliva and immediately place an order.




food delivery site

3. Pizzaro – 7 options for a food delivery site

Despite the name, it is also a template for a sushi or wok delivery website, although it was originally “ground” for pizza. It is supposed as a business card site with a simple expressive design, with the help of which you will be able to perfectly demonstrate the menu, indicate prices, calories and other details that may be important for people.




universal theme

4. Bridge – option one (pizza)

The universal pizzeria template for WordPress does not allow you to forget about yourself and in the fast food industry. The pizza option offers a simple design, in which the main thing becomes the dish. Despite the external simplicity of a business card site, the template includes:

  1. fine tuning capabilities;
  2. simple operation visually understandable method;
  3. adaptation for SEO;
  4. the ability to create a multi-page website if you have a very extensive menu.

WordPress fans at least once heard about this template and knowingly appreciate it for its practicality, convenience and true versatility. Fast food was no exception.




website order sushi online

5. Bridge – the second option (sushi restaurant)

This option is specially created as a sushi restaurant WordPress theme. Elegant Japanese design, nice fonts, full adaptability for any device – your customers will be able to order their favorite goodies from anywhere, from a phone, computer or tablet. Bridge offers all the benefits of a good WordPress template.




Online Store

6. XStore – sushi

The main rival of “Bridge” for fans of expressive, clean, bold designs. Food should be not only tasty, but also beautifully served, the author believes.

For sushi rolls delivery, options are offered:

  • great design;
  • the ability to choose a set or several different sets;
  • composition description;
  • full adaptability;
  • and all this with a trendy parallax effect.

Sushi is not only delicious. Japanese culture implies its aesthetics, which are perfectly sustained in this WordPress template.




Burger Website Template

7. XStore – burger

The dark chic burgers restaurant WordPress theme design simply does not allow users to take and close the tab, the template is so tasty and appetizing. Do you work 24/7? Indicate this as one of your advantages – and this is already provided for in a ready-made website. Just replace with your recipes and collect orders.




pizza wordpress theme

8. XStore – Pizza

For a traditional Italian dish, the author offers a multi-page option. Tell your visitors about pizza everything they want to know. Ordering is not enough, because many will want to experiment with “their” dish. You can blog and all this is adapted not only for any device for Android or Apple, but also for search engines.





9. Mia Ittalonni – Pizzeria

WordPress Pizzeria Website Template. Demo pages (main, about us, gallery, team, blog, contacts) are already made up, you can edit them for yourself and start the site today. The layout is done using the Elector constructor.




betheme wordpress

10. BeTheme – Option One

The designer star of the Behance resource, which is a project of the famous Adobe company. Only the best works are posted on the resource, and BeTheme is recognized as the best of the best.

The author offers:

  • stylish design with parallax effect;
  • built-in animation scripts;
  • Integration in social networks;
  • adaptability.

The pizza in this green-orange-brown design looks unusually harmonious. And you can like it to order later.




Italian pizza site

11. BeTheme – Option Two

And again pizza restaurant WordPress template, but already a variant of the business card site. An excellent option for a restaurant, a pizzeria that wants to present itself solidly and effectively. This business is impossible without visuals – people perceive through the Internet only with their eyes, without the ability to smell or try. And to sniff and taste it – lure customers with a luxurious design.





12. BeTheme – Option Three

Combine a business card, the possibility of ordering pizza online, increase confidence with the help of reviews. Clean competent design with stylish fonts will make you respect and appreciate the dishes already at the visual level. Simply put your photos and texts with a simple visual editor and your Pizza delivery website is created.




betheme sushi

13. BeTheme – Option Four

The options for customizing the template are truly amazing. Here you can make colorful websites with order options in one or another quantity, consultations, integrate into social networks to increase customer loyalty. A green and white cute option for sushi restaurant is another example worth considering.




restaurant website template

14. European Cuisine – Asian Cuisine

A great option for an Asian cuisine delivery site or restaurant / cafe. The template was developed taking into account the “mobile first” rule, which means that the site looks great and is easy to learn from mobile devices. If you have questions about the configuration, then 24/7 support is ready to help you.




organic foods

15. Ecolus – Organic Products

The theme of the site is the delivery of organic products from farms (and related topics). Create your website business card or online store and accept orders online. 6 demo pages in a set, ready for editing through the ELementor constructor. Excellent display on mobile devices.




food delivery website template

16. Fooddy 24/7 – food delivery around the clock

The template is specially created for resources dedicated to food delivery, which is what the name says.

It includes:

  1. light design with a focus on products;
  2. many color options;
  3. several sliders, which can also be changed to taste;
  4. scripts included;
  5. 100% responsiveness.

What else is needed? Just install, configure for your resource – and you’re done!




theme for cafe website, bistro

17. Pizza House – Restaurant / Cafe / Bistro WordPress Theme

Everything here is designed as pizza delivery website template, and there are also favorite and trendy “tricks” of web programmers – parallax effect, scripts for animation, setting up GoogleMaps to make it easier to find you. And also support for the Russian language.




a restaurant

18. Restaurant – website template for a restaurant, cafe, pizzeria

An expressive design in black and yellow style is suitable for a restaurant that wants to make the visual series its “chip”. Of course, colors can be changed, and if in doubt, you can always consult an author who offers support and solution to problematic issues. Including settings.




theme screenshot

19. Pizza Restaurant – WordPress Template

The template is made for pizza delivery websites, but with the same success you can sell wok, sushi, burgers or other takeaway food. The design is dark, offset by bright icons that are included in the cost of the workpiece. Easy to set up, wide opportunity for interactivity, SEO-adaptation – get around competitors in a short time and entice all customers to yourself.




fast food website theme

20. Brooklyn

Animated, lively, adaptive. A little hipster due to the peculiar thin icons. Parallax effect is included, the ability to post customer reviews, some interesting information. A simple contact form is intuitive to a potential buyer.




wordpress online store template

21. WoodMart – a powerful WordPress template for an online store

Another major universal template, more tailored for an online store that is easy to configure for any purpose, and food delivery is no exception.

The author guarantees the following benefits:

  • adaptive sliders;
  • visual setting;
  • integration with social networks;
  • SEO configured
  • Perfectly displayed on any device.

Simple, powerful and beautiful – this is all that can be said about the template, which is suitable not only for small establishments, but also for large restaurant chain of burger or sushi restaurants.




restaurant website

22. Grand Restaurant – gastronomy, haute cuisine

What is the main thing in food? Of course, the food itself. So the author of this template believes, so the design allows you to most deliciously and attractively demonstrate all the dishes. The settings are intuitive.




bakery website

23. Bakery, Cafe & Pastry Shop – Bakery Website Template

Not only for a bakery. A huge number of settings, ready-made icons, sliders, scripts. This is a nice neat site with the ability to translate into different languages, including Cyrillic support. The sizes, features of the style, pictures and everything else easily changes in the “real time” mode, you immediately understand what will be the result.




Mexican bar website screenshot

24. Gustavo – Mexican Grill Bar

Minimalistic design, perfect responsiveness and adaptability, ready-made SEO – search engines “love” this resource no less than customers. Clean fonts and the ability to integrate with social networks. All sliders and icons are included in the price of the template, they can be changed to your liking. Great modern 2020 template.



Opening a restaurant is a good idea if you simultaneously make a presentation of your restaurant on the Internet. Take-away food with delivery pays off at all in a matter of months; it is an excellent business requiring a minimum amount of investment. But for everything to work as it should, use one of the suggested food delivery templates for WordPress.

Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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