20+WordPress Templates for Bars, Pubs, Hookah smoking bar, Night Club


Bars, pubs and other similar establishments have always been a great business due to the popularity and desire of people to relax, drink, have a good time. Previously satisfied visitors shared their impressions and invited their friends to their favorite places, but in the twenty-first century most of the recommendations are received from the Internet. This means that the easiest way to promote a lounge bar or a nightclub is to have your own website, and the WordPress template is ideal for such a task.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

A selection of the 20+Wordpress Templates for Bars, Pubs, Hookah smoking bar, Night Club

WordPress bar template

1. OldStory – WordPress template for whiskey bar, pub, restaurant

Great stylized website template design of a “traditional English pub.” The design in the form of a “woody” theme and fashionable fonts will attract the attention of the target audience – youth, lovers of spending time with a mug of foamy drink.

In addition to the atmosphere attached:

  • the abundance of your own settings;
  • SEO adaptation;
  • the ability to integrate with the online store – it gives the WooCommerce plugin;
  • Media content management using a visual editor.
  • A convenient template is almost universal due to adaptability for phones and tablets.




bar wordpress theme

2. Offbeat – WordPress template for a nightclub and pub

A selection of stylish WordPress themes for the music night clubs website. Several options – Jazz, Rock, electronics. Designs immediately create the right atmosphere, invite a potential client to make sure “alive.” There is a special bright advertisement for landing pages dedicated to the soon opening of an institution. There are many slider settings in the night club WordPress template that allow not only to post visual and video information, but also to maintain a blog, for example, about concerts and announcements of future events.




website template for cafe

site template for a pub

3. Pints ​​& Crafts – WordPress template for a brewery, bar, pub

Website business card template for a pub or bar. The emphasis is made specifically on drinks, suitable for an institution specializing in its own products – for example, with its own brewery. Allows you to spread beers as a special portfolio with the possibility of online ordering. The authors have developed their own icon pack that looks very stylish and perfectly combines with the design idea. Pictures can be easily changed to your own, all settings are made in a few clicks.





Brewery Option

5. Birra33 – WordPress template for a brewery, pub, store

WordPress Theme for a beer bar or lounge bar. Soft “cozy” design will surely arouse positive emotions and desire to visit the institution. The theme itself was made under the control of the current Gutenberg plugin in 2020, which allows you to make the finest settings without any knowledge of web programming. All internal pages are SEO-optimized, as well as integrated with social networks, it is possible to “like” the site and share impressions on your page.




WordPress Paste Bar

6. GastroBar – Multifunctional WordPress template for a bar, restaurant, pub

Fashionable Restauration website template with bright juicy designs. Suitable for grill-bar, restaurant, pastry shop, coffee shop or bar. In addition to “juicy” design decisions, it is worth paying attention to:

  1. OpenTable plugin – the most convenient reserve online;
  2. automatic setting of working hours that show – openly or not;
  3. an abundance of settings for demonstrating pictures and other events;
  4. customizable headers and footers.

For work, one of the most convenient designers of Visual Composer is used, which has long established itself as ideal for WordPress.




craft bar

7. Revolver – WordPress template for barbershop, pub, motorcycle club

Fashionable “hipster” pub WordPress theme, which was originally designed for barbershops or tattoo studios. It will be very simple to adapt it to a bar or pub, while maintaining the same atmosphere. Among the collections of the template provided “beer gallery”. You can place orders online through integration with the WooCommerce system.




Lounge bar website template

Smoothies cafe theme for the site

8. Bridge – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Template

One of the largest collections for landing pages and larger projects. It includes all the necessary plugins, from online shop to the calendar and advanced video portfolio. It is easy to find a ready-made design for every taste, including a lot of interesting ideas offered by developers for pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes website templates. Over one hundred thousand downloads and a five-star rating.





9. Gustavo – WordPress template for a Mexican restaurant / bar

The website template for the Mexican grill bar will be appropriate for restaurants specializing in meat, fish cuisine. Nice design combined with the main useful features:

  1. the ability to book tables online;
  2. full functionality of the online store;
  3. An advanced demonstration of the portfolio menu.

It also offers its own set of icons and pictures, if necessary, they can be easily changed.




Beer Store

10. The Brew House – WordPress template for a pub, bar, pub

According to the developers, the web theme is suitable not only for pubs, bars and liquor stores, but also for a blog dedicated to craft beer, winemaking and other similar topics. Beautiful responsive design combined with advanced SEO-options, each page quickly becomes “visible” to search engines. Easily connects the function of online shopping.




Night Club Website Template

11. Apollo – WordPress template for a nightclub, bar

Website template for a night club, so the emphasis is on the event calendar. You can notify visitors in advance about the arrival of artists or DJs, theme parties, as well as upload tracks so that visitors can appreciate the music and want to hear it live. The design is made in the style of a simple but pleasant landing. Looks good on mobile devices.




Website template for hookah 2019

12. Anubia – WordPress template for hookah

WordPress template for a hookah or lounge bar. Great atmospheric styling and smooth glide thanks to advanced scroll features.


  • one-click installation;
  • customization in a visual editor;
  • background with parallax effect.

The hookah bar website on this template will look stylish and modern.




night club wordpress

13. Acidum – WordPress template for a night club

A spectacular website theme design with a bright, slightly “acidic” design: ideal for a night club or jazz bar. Runs on the latest version of WordPress and is constantly updated. Not only three basic designs are offered, but also more than thirty additional options for internal pages. Tested on all browsers, looks great everywhere.





wordpress 2019

15. Craft Beer – WordPress Template for Pub and Brewery

Another great way to present craft beer and an institution specializing in this drink.

Included in the template:

  • six design options – dark and light;
  • opportunity to buy online – WooCommerce plugin;
  • visual setting;
  • more than 500 own icons.

Well suited for a bar shop and its own brewery.




smoothie bar

16. SunnyJar – WordPress smoothie bar template

Website template for a vegan restaurant or institution specializing in healthy eating. Delicate and at the same time bright themed design is combined with convenient functions of the online store. You can present each product in the form of a photo and tell everything that is important to the target audience – composition, calorie content, product features. Suitable for landings with the sale function.




Restaurant website template

17. Giardino – WordPress Template for Italian Restaurant and Cafe

Uncomplicated in design, but a universal template. Conceived with the expectation of Italian cuisine, but can be used for absolutely any restaurant theme. The theme includes more than 20 animations for texts and pictures, easy customization of color schemes due to the popular visual editing plugin. In total, more than 750 options, so you can create a unique project.




night club 2019

18. Jarvis – WordPress template for a nightclub, concert venue, festival

Bright design and bold design – ideal for a night club. Also worth noting:

  1. powerful event management plugin – announce events in advance, conduct an advertising campaign;
  2. wide settings of sliders and animations;
  3. there is a full screen mode;
  4. Looks good on mobile.

The authors guarantee excellent “visibility” in search engines due to SEO-optimization.




Site Theme

19. Porter Pub – WordPress template for a restaurant and bar

Traditional pub design with wood elements, brown color scheme. It looks nice, if necessary – you can always change the settings. A useful menu plugin has been added that allows you to quickly track and make changes. It is also proposed to connect an online store with the possibility of payment via the Internet.




Landing for the bartender

20. BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Template

Large multi-pattern from the developers of Photoshope and BeHance. Combines the following benefits:

  • clean code;
  • excellent design decisions – many are unique;
  • the weight of the installer is only 6 megabytes, the sites themselves also load quickly;
  • In total more than 400 options.

Professional selection, there are options for landing pages and large resources of large restaurants or bars.





21. Miami – WordPress template for a night club

Charming one-page for a night club. By default, it looks like a “one screen” with a designation of current events. You can adjust the size of the main picture. Adapted, including, for Retina-device. There is a function of feedback and integration with social networks.



Food, drink and entertainment are what people need in order to have a good rest. Most potential customers of pubs, restaurants, hookah places and clubs are looking for “where to go” using the Internet. An attractive, prominent WordPress website template is an effective way to attract customers. In addition, your own resource on the network will help you easily collect feedback.

Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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