20 Mobile Application WordPress Templates for the presentation of Apps


Most owners of modern smartphones are addicted to mobile applications – this inspires developers to create unique and profitable software products. When work on the application is completed, it is important to talk about it to the widest possible audience, and this is the opportunity that the official website of the application provides.

To create a web resource that will demonstrate the product to potential customers, Mobile App presentation WordPress templates that are flexible in customizing the site of a mobile application, using effective presentation tools and proven methods of retaining the attention of visitors, are suitable.

All templates are presented from the popularThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

A Selection of 20 Mobile Application WordPress Templates for the presentation of Apps


1. vApp

The mobile app presentation website template has 29 pages with a fully developed design. Plugins with the insertion of sliders, pictures and videos will allow you to fully describe the functionality of the application, explain to the user the benefits. Integrated with a visual editor, so customization and personalization can be done in a few hours. Adapted for mobile and SEO-search.




application template

2. App Landing Page

Simple landing page for presentation of mobile applications. The developers have emphasized the charming minimalist design, also guarantee:

  • simplicity of settings; the color scheme changes online;
  • clean typography, beautiful fonts;
  • cross-browser optimization.

The template is accompanied by technical documentation. If necessary, technical support is always active.




game application theme

3. App, Software & SaaS

A good option for a simple, intuitive landing with competent UX. A total of 17 blanks in several styles – from the traditional block to simulate Instagram. The user can be offered to make a purchase online, the template is integrated with the online payment system. More than 300 settings options, there is no need to register the code manually.




app themes

4. Foton

A selection of incredibly beautiful and stylish pages. Each design is created by professionals, it is remembered for a long time and makes an excellent impression. The price includes a selection of the main plug-ins – from the visual editor to the settings of the sliders and effects, which can be changed to your liking. One-click installation. Adaptability is maintained on all devices.




app themes

5. Startup WordPress – SanJose

The mobile app showcase WordPress template is based on the latest version of Bootstrap and offers excellent functionality:

  • the ability to conduct email newsletters;
  • advanced feedback form;
  • visual constructor;
  • integration with Google Maps;

The authors claim that the app presentation theme is written in “clean” code and is completely ready for independent “work” with SEO, and also promise free updates.




application template

6. Ave

Ave is a universal website template for app presentation, it has a lot of demos in the set, there is also a landing page for a mobile application. Easy fresh design, convenient control with the WPBackery designer.




theme in blue colors

7. Crocal

Also a universal web template with one demo for a mobile application promotion. It has a nice design in blue tones. Colors and settings can be changed as you wish. The developers promise a fast download speed, you can check it yourself if you measure the speed of the demo.




creative theme

8. Innovio

Very cool and creative template. The developers clearly tried to design, using the most trendy pieces from web design. The set also has several demos, not only landing pages, but also the ability to create a blog or portfolio.





9. Colossal

A theme created for use by commercial organizations gives its customers 2 ready-made demo app themes. In the first, white, pink and coral are taken as the main colors, in the second – orange and dark gray. On demo sites there are animated counters that reflect application usage statistics, a video demonstrating the principle of the product, and a gallery of developers. Website visitors can subscribe to news and updates.




wallet app

10. BeTheme

The BeWallet demo template is a good example of a stylish one-page landing page for a mobile application. The site provides complete information about the product, reports on updates and added options, reflects the number of downloads and satisfied users. Here you can find the cost of the app, download links and product pages on social networks.




smartphone app

11. Intact

Intact Mobile App – landing on a premium template, complemented by multi-page sections with the functionality of an online store, blog, portfolio and gallery. The landing page talks about the key features of the program, using a stylized gallery of screenshots and spectacular icons, and also provides current tariff plans and customer reviews.




design application

12. Bridge

Opening the demo site for the presentation of the application, made on Bridge, you can observe such modern design elements as: sticky header, jumbotron with parallax, a slider of quotes from reviews and reviews, graphs reflecting the characteristics of the product’s popularity, information about the developers. The landing ends with a block with links where the application is available for download.





13. Massive Dynamic

Based on this theme, 2 bright demo templates suitable for the application presentation website are presented – App Theme and Startup Theme. The first is designed in a pop style and is focused on the promotion of a youth ios application, the second is designed in a business style and promotes an application for organizing startups.




Application for phone website

14. TheGem

The demo for the mobile application on TheGem is a multi-page site, in the upper part of which there is a slider with 3D animation – the slides replace each other with the effect of flipping faces of the cube. In the block with the description of the application features there is a slider from the screenshots. The site design uses bright colors for small elements, but the base color of the pages is white.




blue template wordpress

15. Incubator

This template was created specifically for the Startups direction, all the demos attached to it are made in a business style and use white, blue and gray colors in the design. Demo Incubator Mobile App can be taken as the basis for a one-page landing or multi-page with a blog and an online store. The landing page not only provides detailed product specifications, but also applies marketing techniques in several sections of the page.




Minimalism website

16. Jevelin

Jevelin Startup is a one-page demo site dedicated to a mobile application presentation for startups. In large blocks of the site, when scrolling, the parallax effect is noticeable. A jumbotron is placed in the header of the page, followed by a block with slides describing the benefits of the program. The leading design color is white, blue and dark gray colors are used for individual elements. The bottom of the landing page contains a feedback form through which you can ask developers questions.





17. Uncode

Ready site Classic Landing from Uncode – multi-page landing page for a mobile application. An effective detail of the site is a gallery of screenshots in the form of a slider. The “Developers’ News” block containing links to the latest blog posts has been brought to the main page. The appearance of most of the page elements is accompanied by animation. The color scheme of the site is white (base), saturated blue, dark gray (footer and font).




white site

18. Bateaux

App Landing demo template created on the basis of Bateaux creative theme is a good basis for customization for a simple landing page for a mobile software product. It is equipped with stylish sections for presenting application features and user feedback. The last section of the main page contains download links in the Android app store and in the AppStore.





19. Scalia

You can take a stylish ready-made one-page template with premium animation and graphics from Scalia for the app’s landing page. It contains a volume slider, in the slides of which animated text and pictures are used, a slider with application characteristics, a developer gallery, an information subscription design section, a carousel with an unusual flipping effect, and a feedback form.




app gradient

20. Landkit

Landkit WordPress app theme is designed to create landing pages, for the mobile app site you can take its demo landing App Showcase. White is selected as the base color of the pages, individual elements are made in pink and purple shades. Landing with the help of verified techniques tells how the program works, gives consumer reviews, provides buttons for downloading.



Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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