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Baby products are a profitable and quick payback business. People can save on themselves, but not on their children, who are trying to get the best clothes, toys and other necessary things. However, most parents either work or sit with the kids at home, there is not always enough time for shopping offline. Online sales are the best way to reach this target audience, and the templates of the children’s online store on the popular WordPress engine will help to promote the site, even if the owner is not familiar with the intricacies of web programming.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

20 Children’s Online Store WordPress Templates for Creating a Kids Online Store and start selling Children products online

beautiful online store for children's goods

1. Cocco

An unusual kid’s shop website theme combines the functionality of a store and a landing page. This template should be chosen if among the goods there are those on which you need to focus and increase sales. Perfect for multi landing due to the simple change of colors and pictures.




ecommerce theme

2. WoodMart

Universal kids store website template library – more than three hundred “in one”. Many options for children’s stores for every taste. The authors guarantee full compatibility with any viewing tools due to the “flexible” scripts.





3. Kids Planet

Thematic, but at the same time offering a huge number of options for customizing the WordPress template for children’s products online shop website. It is easy to use for the landing page, but it is also possible to expand to a large store of children’s clothing, toys, you can add services or events. The demo shows all the settings – including blogging features. The design is both bright and unobtrusive, pleasing to the eye.




kids store

4. Juno

A modern bright theme with “cartoony” graphics, which will be as appropriate as possible in children’s subjects. Three completely finished designs that do not even need to be customized – just put your pictures and text, plus ample opportunities for visual editing.





5. SevenHills

According to the basic idea of ​​the author – a business card site for a children’s camp. It allows you to place a portfolio in the form of photos, customer reviews. Feedback forms are included, which will allow not only making an application but also just asking questions – this is very important for many parents, because they are worried about children. Settings guarantee:

  • full responsiveness on all types of gadgets;
  • search engine optimization;
  • ease of customization – all design elements are changed in the visual editor.

Despite the fact that the framework is in English, the template already includes multilingual support functions, so that there will be no problems with Cyrillic fonts.






A powerful website template that is the best suited for a toy store, clothes. Includes:

  • six ready-made options;
  • scripts “baskets”, stocks;
  • integration into social networks.

Developers guarantee ease of installation and modification.




ecommerce store

7. White Rabbit

Beautiful modern kids store landing page that meets all the requirements of 2018: parallax scrolling, animated scripts, combining photos, and rendered elements. Suitable for an online store of children’s clothing, shoes, accessories for newborns and toddlers, toys. You can configure the search inside the store for tags – for example, for girls, for boys, a certain age. The author guarantees full compatibility with the Woocommerce system.




Child them

8. Kids Care

A simple website template with several options for a bright, fun design that is ideal for children’s online shop website. The design uses the popular style of flat (“flat” design). The authors offer design in several forms, in two, three, or four columns. Settings can be changed literally with one click of the mouse. Also included:

  • adaptability – all options will look good on stationary and mobile devices;
  • order forms and feedback;
  • ready-made scripts for setting prices, special offers.

This WordPress theme has received a lot of good reviews, buyers note the flexibility and ease of management.




Shop online

9. Little Birdies

The WordPress theme is designed as a bright and attractive business card for a private kindergarten or baby service. With the help of simple and understandable infographics and nice icons, it will be easy to present your advantages and explain what kind of services the company provides. It is also easy to adapt to an online store, especially if you need to focus on specific products, arrange a promotion or sale. In a set:

  • The main useful plugins – from sliders to the feedback form;
  • the visual editor that helps to change each element with one click;
  • support for modern effects – parallax, “attached” menu;
  • multilanguage support.

The template offers documentation, there is also online technical support.





10. Lighthouse

Fresh and clean design in bright and fresh colors will surely appeal to both children and their parents. The template is perfect for the landing page of an online kids shop, allowing you to highlight the main advantages of goods or services. There is all the necessary functionality – from binding social networks to Google maps.




happy baby

11. Happy Baby

Very bright, colorful, and charming template. The developers created it for the services of baby sitters and nurseries, but it is easy to turn a business card site into a store of related subjects, not only for the children themselves but also for expectant mothers. Full adaptability with mobile devices, there is multilingual support.




kids store

12. BamBoo

Nice web theme for online baby store in bright colors. Developers offer:

  • several ready-made designs;
  • an additional set of icons, fonts;
  • installation and configuration in a few clicks.

The template is designed as a broad-themed, but it is best suited specifically for children’s stores.





13. Zella

Powerful website template development for an online clothing store for babies and kids. Scripts of “virtual fitting” are included, allowing to evaluate products from all sides, in 3D-format. The laconic minimalistic design does not distract from the main function, but you can add bright colors to attract attention.





14. EmallShop

Great choice for large stores. Using the template, it is easy to break down the product into categories, present each of them separately. The theme is made in bright colors, the functionality includes:

  1. automatic configuration using a visual editor;
  2. ease of work with a large amount of information;
  3. Site search.

The template is universal, there are several blanks for children’s topics.





15. CiyaShop

A large “set” of 58 ready-made designs. All are installed with one click, edited without the need for coding. Many options for “easy” business cards and high-grade websites.




online shop of children's goods

16. BerryKid

The charming pattern in soft pastel colors with bright elements. The authors conceived it as a topic for the sale of children’s clothing. Suitable for a toy store, products for babies, and related items. Lightweight and user are friendly.




Landing of children's goods

17. Bridge

A versatile multi-pattern that is well-deserved. It has been downloaded over a hundred thousand times. There are topics for all occasions, including a lot of nice “children’s” developments.




baby store

18. Bibo Baby Store & Kids Shop

Great kids fashion online store website template design with an emphasis on visual and functional at the same time.

In a set:

  1. seven ready-made options;
  2. customization of colors
  3. adaptation for WooCommerce and search engines;

Installed with one click.





19. Kids

A stunningly effective design will attract both a child and an adult. This kid’s template will be a great choice for a toy store, strollers, and other accessories necessary for the child. You can create multi-presentation with the presentation of a specific model – new items or by promotion.





20. Kindergarten website template

The theme is designed in the style of a charming landing page, while the authors offer a wide functionality with five fully developed blanks, including headers and footers, a hundred widgets and additional settings – from the “Basket” to the calendar. Color schemes are regulated online, as well as the ability to customize and maintain additional pages – a blog, stories about yourself, portfolio. Professional integration with WooCommerce.



Any parent is faced with the need to buy baby clothes, shoes, toys, hygiene products, and much more. Such a business will always be profitable if properly promoted through the Internet. A bright attractive and user-friendly site on a WordPress template is the key to successful sales and high profitability.

Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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