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Internet promotion is relevant for any industry, but first of all, this applies to any text content. It doesn’t matter if you are selling paper books as a store, trying to create a startup with your own project, or just running a writing blog that helps offline popularity – you need your own resource. It’s not necessary to buy the services of programmers, it’s enough to purchase a ready-made website template for the library under WordPress, which are numerous for every taste.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

15 Writer WordPress templates for a book presentation websites, library website, landing page about books, writers portfolio,

website for selling books

1. WoodMart

A spectacular selection of more than three hundred website templates – mainly blogging and online trading. The sample for the sale of electronic books makes the best impression: a modern stylish site with the ability to focus the visitor’s attention on new products, make announcements and give teasers. From the point of view of the admin panel, there are a lot of nice nuances:

  • many options for setting up headers and footers;
  • mobile adaptability;
  • Ajax plugin is used for search – relevant for a database with a large number of items;
  • plugin for sliders and animations.

Even the basic example site is impressive. All settings can be changed at any time, preserving the basis of the code with its capabilities.





2. Crocal

Multifunctional selection. There is an interesting library website template with the ability to buy online under WooCommerce. The development integrates with modern visual editors. Based on the templates, you can create both small landing page for the advertising campaign of a particular book, and writing blogs with constant support. In the demo version of the business card you can appreciate the charming calm design in orange-brown tones.




library site

3. Booklovers

Simple and at the same time stylish design is ideally suited to the library, bookstore, designed for the most effective presentation of books and encourages the visitor to make a purchase. Proper design and distribution of blocks ensures a good conversion. The admin panel includes:

  • four design options;
  • plugin for events, calendar – will help to announce the release of new products or conduct promotions;
  • online sales opportunity.

By default, the most popular WPBakery constructor is used, which in itself guarantees accurate settings without coding.




ebook sale

4. BeTheme – E-Book

A professional selection from Behance developers is always relevant, including if you need to make a website a visit to a bookstore, a writer’s blog or an editorial resource. Specifically for the sale of e-books an interesting landing is offered. It supports the parallax effect, many interesting visual animations that will help to talk about a particular book and most fully tell about it. This WordPress theme is best suited for the niche of e-commerce and the sale of books on business, programming, design.




Business card for a writer

5. BeTheme – Business Card Writer

A great way to talk about yourself as a book writer and your work. It is suitable not only as a business card for a writer, but also a journalist, a blogger with publications, a coach, a trainer – anyone who wants to promote a personal brand and offers something for sale. Due to compatibility with the WooCommerce platform, you can connect the full functions of the online store. Integration with social networks will allow you to publish feedback on the work. Modern and relevant in 2020 book presentation WordPress template, the design with the side menu looks great, requires minimal refinement.




Wordpress writer blog

6. BeTheme – Writer Blog

Another version of a writing blog with a presentation of both books and the “creative cuisine” from Behance. Emphasis is also placed on the personality of the author, but you can put in a “main theme” and a specific work or series.

The functionality of the admin panel includes:

  1. many sliders;
  2. convenient setup with a visual editor;
  3. calendar plugin – for example, for speeches or presentations;
  4. SEO optimization.

Like all book themes from BeTheme for WordPress, it is characterized by perfect cross-browser compatibility and adaptability for mobile gadgets. The default visual editor is WPBakery, but can be replaced with the Elementor constructor. A selection of 80 templates on the Elementor constructor.




Selling online books

7. Bridge – Book

Another well-known WordPress multi-template Bridge also offers interesting options for website templates for an e-book store or a specific presentation. This landing page is designed to promote a work in any genre, just set up text information and upload a cover image. There is a sales function – both in the electronic version and the ability to order a paper one. The black and white design is distinguished by a stylish, modern design and attracts the attention of the visitor, forcing to inquire about the contents of the book.




Site for the writer

8. Bridge – Writer

In style, the design of the library WordPress theme is similar to the previous one: black and white background, modern design. In this case, the emphasis is more on the personality of the author, the menu is provided:

  • biography;
  • portfolio;
  • the ability to “hire” the author.

A great option for a freelance copywriter, journalist and any other professional who makes money writing texts.




Learning Center Template

9. Bridge – Training Center

The theme is not directly related to libraries, but it can fit. A simple but intuitive UX of the landing page of the training centers will allow the visitor to choose a course, find out the details, and order the “package” of interest. Decor in a traditional blue and white color with cute animations. There are standard photos that are easy to change in the visual editor.




Template for library

10. Aurum

Minimalistic books online store template for an online library with the function of selling e-books. From the point of view of design, everything is very simple: the title picture and then only covers that can be highlighted in color, all on a white background. Such ease of presentation is most effective, as it does not distract the visitor. Inside the template includes:

  • support for many languages, including Russian;
  • Responsiveness with Retina displays
  • own icons and vector graphics.

Required plugins – Ajax search, sliders, visual settings plus the ability to integrate under the WooCommerce platform is implied.




15 library site templates, about books, writer on WordPress 2020

11. The Book

A template translation ready for bookstores, publishing houses, as well as this WordPress theme is ideal for landing a specific work. Can be used to sell business literature or fiction. The design is as neutral as possible, in a modern flat style, with a predominant white color. It impresses with solidity and excellent quality.




Writer or Journalist Blog

12. Blog for Writers and Journalists – Blog of a writer or journalist

The name speaks for itself, the development is designed to maintain an author’s blog, which will simultaneously serve as a way to effectively promote the personal brand and portfolio of a writer, copywriter, journalist.

The authors suggest:

  • six styles;
  • blanks for a photo gallery, video, the ability to download audio;
  • contact forms;
  • online sales opportunity.

Strict designs look solid and pleasing to the eye. Animations will help to focus on any details, for example, on the release of new publications.




wordpress theme

13. Bookshelf

A theme designed equally for a library or collection of training courses. A great option not only for selling books, but also for enrolling in courses, webinars or offline seminars. The LearnDash plugin deserves special attention – the gamification of tasks by creating quizes and interesting lessons. Four variants of bright designs are suitable, including for children’s courses.




Author's blog

14. Jack Baker

Another good WordPress template for the author of texts. Emphasis is placed on a personal brand, it implies the placement of photos and portfolios. The design is simple, but causes a feeling of reliability and trust. The admin panel includes:

  1. visual editor;
  2. advanced contact forms;
  3. SEO-optimization with automatic generation of “correct” links and prescribing meta tags.

There is Gutenberg and WooCommerce compatibility for the online store.




Bright design template

15. Lorem Ipsum

Beautiful and colorful landing for the sale of one or more books. Suggested for publishers: helps promote specific works. The landing page has been tested many times and always has a good conversion. The authors claim that it is possible to expand to a whole portal of book lovers or an author’s resource with the simultaneous function of an online store. Modern design and many useful “triggers” for buying: countdown, calls to action, animations.


The Internet, in the first place, was created as a repository of texts. Therefore, it is best to tell and encourage people to sell books through their own website. One of the proposed creative catchy templates of the popular WordPress platform is sure to suit your goals and become the basis of a successful business.

Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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