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Tattoos and body painting are a great way to emphasize your personality, express beliefs and just stand out from the crowd. Almost every young man has a tattoo, he or she dreams of drawing a pattern on his body. Of course, the young audience – from sixteen to thirty-five are looking for a suitable studio and they will definitely go online. And here you need to attract potential customers with an effective web resource. Website templates for tattoo studio will help your customers to get interested.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

15 Tattoo Salon WordPress templates for the tattoo masters or barbershop studios websites

studio tattoo template

1. Salon – WordPress template for barbershop and tattoo studio

An excellent template for a barber shop or Tatoo studio. The dark design looks stylish, modern, suitable for the target audience. Among the advantages:

  • Gutenberg plugin is one of the most advanced for building a website visually;
  • ready-made adaptive design – you can change the details, it will still remain suitable for mobile;
  • calendar plugin for the ability to sign up for a specific number and time.

Additionally, there are functions of an online store – you can display a portfolio of drawings or sell related products.




tattoo studio website template

2. Tattoo – WordPress template for tattoo parlor and piercing studio

Niche theme – Tatoo studio and the corresponding name. The authors created a spectacular landing page with the ability to place a portfolio. The kit offers not only your own design, but also specially designed icons for this theme. A lot of convenient and useful plugins – from visual settings to automatic promotion in search engines thanks to SEO-installation. The authors guarantee complete security, since there is protection against copying and hacking.




theme wordpress

3. Ancora – WordPress template for tattoo parlor

Attractive WordPress theme, also targeted at youth and Tatoo studio themes. Professional design will definitely appeal to the target audience, but it does not distract from the main task – to demonstrate the capabilities of the studio and the benefits. The developers included in the template:

the most popular and widespread designer of WPBakery – it will help to make additional pages online;

  • rich slider options thanks to two whole plugins;
  • convenient menu settings and scrolling;
  • Optimization for WooCommerce with the possibility of online payment.

Using the template, it is easy to demonstrate the portfolio, show the features of work, make individual offers and promotions.




Theme for tattoo studio 2019

4. Brando – Multi-Purpose One-Page WordPress Template

WordPress template designed for the site of a business card, one-page landing. Allows you to place all the necessary information within one screen, which is convenient for special offers and to immediately attract interest from the visitor. There are several ready-made designs that are quite versatile as well as adaptive. You can just change the pictures, put your own and run the site.





5. Berger – WordPress template for barbershop and tattoo studio

Niche design for barbershop or tattoo parlor. It was executed in a hipster and actual “hip” design in 2019, so it’s good for attracting the attention of potential customers. It includes all the necessary settings, including a calendar that helps you to record for a specific date and to a specific wizard. Convenient navigation and pleasant colors, which can be changed if desired.





6. Bridge – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Template

One of the most popular multi-template themes, regardless of the subject. It is appreciated for the following benefits:

  • almost 400 ready-made designs, fully developed and ready to install – including under the tattoo studio;
  • all new plugins, constant updates;
  • convenient settings with a visual editor;
  • support 24 hours a day.

The multi-template template can rightly be called a universal option.




wordpress revolver

7. Revolver – WordPress template for tattoo studio and barbershop

A brutal adaptive option for a business card of a “male” tattoo parlor: it is in this stylization that the design is made. It causes associations with biker clubs and other “cool” places, which is useful if you want to focus on the target audience of young men and older men. Discreet convenience, all the necessary settings to demonstrate the portfolio, there is a blogging function.





8. Hares – WordPress template for barbershop, tattoo parlor, motorcycle club

Thematic multi-template selection, which is worth a look and evaluate:

  1. more than 15 ready-made home page designs designed by professionals;
  2. integration with WooCommerce – you can accept online payments or develop an online shop;
  3. advanced search with AJAX plugin;
  4. an abundance of options.

Several interesting effects are included, including parallax scrolling and other modern animations.





9. Trueman – WordPress template for a hairdresser and barbershop

A simple nice business card for WordPress with the ability to expand functionality to a larger site. Adaptability and responsiveness is provided for each device, including Retina displays. The blocks for the portfolio are equipped with spectacular scrolling and demonstration settings, which is especially important for a tattoo studio. Many languages ​​are supported, including Cyrillic, all fonts are already installed in advance.




tattoo 2019

10. Barber – WordPress template for barbershop, beauty salon, tattoo parlor

A theme for a barbershop, which also easily adapts to a tattoo parlor. The kit offers nine homepage designed and fully prepared for installation, each can be configured in the “what you see, you get” mode, also known as WYSIWYG. A convenient visual editor will allow you to change colors, fonts, pictures, effects of the appearance of an element at any stage. The grid is designed in such a way that it always looks good on mobile gadgets. Designs are different – from “women” to brutal men, it is easy to choose the right one.




site for tattoo masters

11. InkPink – WordPress template for a tattoo studio

Premium template for WordPress for business cards and a large site. So the authors declare their development, reinforcing with the following features of the template:

  • “Clean” code – a guarantee of a “friendly” attitude to the future site of search engines, as well as quick download on any device;
  • adaptability – the ability to view with all the effects and features on mobile;
  • ready-made designs – made in a pleasant combination of dark and light colors, you can easily change the shades;
  • Instagram portfolio styling – click-through increase.

Suitable for both landing pages and for extensive web resources dedicated to tattoo themes.




WordPress website template

12. InkPress – WordPress template for tattoo parlor and barbershop

Development is similar to the InkPink option, but differs in one important parameter – for settings and the online editor one of the most popular WordPress designers is used now – Elementor. This development allows you to make the most subtle settings in the design, while not requiring knowledge of coding and web programming. Constantly updated template, relevant in 2020 with its own interesting design. Adapted for SEO, all viewing options, including for demanding screens from Apple Retina.




universal wordpress theme 2019

13. BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Template

The theme is named after the most famous design resource BeHance, which, in turn, is a subsidiary of Adobe. BeTheme templates always have a unique spectacular design, which is especially important in order to impress the youth audience. In addition, it is proposed:

  • 400 ready-made sites – you can only change text and work in the portfolio;
  • installer weight – 6 MB, page loading is also optimized;
  • own icons;
  • Google fonts.

All settings are carried out by a visual editor, without requiring to dive into the intricacies of web design.




tuta about

14. Tattoo Pro – WordPress Template for Tattoo Salon

A simple but pretty template for the desired subject. It is made in the form of a landing, although there are options for connecting additional pages, including a blog. Design in a modern flat style will appeal to potential customers. A ready-made set of headers and footers with social network icons, which are also integrated in the future landing. All changes to the page can be made using an intuitive editor.




tattoo studio

15. Tattoo Studio – WordPress template for a tattoo studio

Another modern version of the site template, useful for a business card or more advanced options. The authors guarantee cross-browser support, advanced HTML5 features without the need to dive into coding. All fonts with Cyrillic support. Google maps are supported, there is a special plug-in slider for the most effective display of works in the portfolio, which is always true for a tattoo studio. Design is able to boast of maximum responsiveness.



Tattoo salon is a profitable and creative business. The investments are relatively small: the room can be small, you will have to invest only once in the machine, plus relatively inexpensive paint costs. Promotion of a tattoo studio is a fairly simple matter, the main thing is to put a good template for the website on WordPress, add a portfolio of your work and present your services to potential customers.

Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

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