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If you own a veterinary clinic, a pet store or run another pet care business and want to create your own website based on ready-made solutions, you should pay attention to WordPress templates. Having bought a professional theme in the “Animals” category, for example, a template for a veterinary clinic, you will receive a web resource, each design detail of which helps to increase the efficiency of doing business in this area.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

A selection of 10 Veterinary Clinic WordPress Templates for a website about animal medical care and animal rescue, animal care services.

veterinary clinic

1. Avada – Veterinarian Demo

The finished WordPress veterinary template includes: sections with the description of services and customer reviews, a stylish contact block containing an emergency phone and email, FAQ in the format of question panels with drop-down answers. The page ends with a mega footer, which fits the logo and summary of the clinic, social media buttons, contacts, opening hours, an interactive map with an address.




animal site

2. Xstore – Animal Accessories Demo

Demo imitates a large-scale online store of food and accessories for animals. The start page of the store contains a large number of thematic graphics. Animated cards of goods with a discount, as well as widgets “Online Consultant” and “Special Offer”, located at the bottom of the page, will help to promote the necessary products and lead capture.




Vetkinika WordPress site

3. Kallyas – PetVet Demo

A landing veterinary clinic template that easily customizes a veterinarian or salon to fit your needs. Its upper part is occupied by a large jambotron with slides, on each of which there is an appointment button. In the slider you can also draw customer reviews or a description of the services. The bottom of the landing page contains an interactive map over the entire width of the screen.




veterinary hospital wordpress

4. Etalon – Vet Demo

A modern theme for the site of a veterinary clinic. The demo uses a light color scheme based on shades of white and blue, due to which the site looks very bright. Cards with the description of services and customer reviews are placed on the main page in the form of slides. Mega footer, emerging from under the scrolling page, provides additional space for posting information.




animal blog

5. Betheme – Demo Pets

Animal WordPress template that can be used for a blog about animals. The Pets WordPress theme project is dedicated to cats, and the cat ears motif adorns several design blocks. Headline photo feeds of articles can use hover effects. To fill the sidebar, a block mosaic with elements of a photo gallery and a section with a photo of the carrier of the title “Pet of the Week” are provided.




animal shelter

6. Betheme – Animals Demo

One of the best examples of the blog of the category “Animal website Templates”, which is equally well suited for the animal lovers community and for a professional zoo. Blog visitors have the opportunity to view the headings and photos of recent publications, flipping through the slider. The lightbox pictures section on the main page is designed to display new pet photos from the Gallery section.





7. Pets Land

The pet website template is fully devoted to the topic “Pets.” Using its flexibility and compatibility with the necessary plug-ins, you can make a simple blog or a full online store. The Pets Land demo template is ideal for those who need a quick development of a pet store website. The site is decorated in white using many bright elements.




animal grooming site

8. Pet Grooming – grooming services and goods

This thematic veterinary clinic website template will help in creating all types of web resources about pets, for example, such as: an online pet supplies store, an animal clinic website, a grooming salon, a shelter, and training courses. The Grooming demo fully demonstrates the possibilities of the topic – a blog, an online store, a gallery, service tariff cards are included in the finished website of the grooming studio.




animal world

9. Pet World

Animal care center WordPress theme, the main profile of which is sites for those who offer professional pet care services. The Pets Demo is an online animal protection agency that also sells pet products online. The site organized feedback to receive information about the “losses”. The design used a lot of high-quality graphic elements.





10. Bridge – Animal Shelter demo

Among the many multi-theme themes, there are several interesting options for pet stores, veterinary clinics, and other animal-related resources. The ability to send an application form, as well as online payment, is integrated into all blanks. Convenient functionality combined with a simple UX-friendly design. Full adaptability, including to demanding Retina gadgets.



Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

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