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Healthy teas are at the peak of popularity. Nutritionists praise them, recommended by doctors of all areas – from cardiologists to gerontologists, life extension specialists. And this means that you can earn a healthy drink. All you need to do is create a pretty selling site and run it. Achieve quick earnings will help new wonderful templates for WordPress, thematically and adapted by designers for tea subjects. Functionality will appeal to both tea lovers and the business owner.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

10 Tea Store WordPress templates for online Tea shop website+ WooCommerce Tea Online Shopping Store Relevant in 2020

tea match pattern

1. Bridge – Tea Shop 1

The tea shop website template is adapted for eco-products. The light, the eye-friendly design is fully suitable for all devices – from monitors to smartphones. The developer positions the online store template for any sales, but it’s the best choice for tea.

The kit includes:

  • Icons in eco-style;
  • Adaptation for SEO;
  • A set of necessary scripts to easily change one picture or add effects, including fashionable parallax;
  • You can describe in detail the advantage and effect of the product – this is important for niche products, it is necessary to explain the benefits to the potential customer;
  • Integration with social networks.

With this template, it will be easy to sell even exotic teas, for example, handmade matcha. Tell your visitors how much healthier they will be.




tea shop website theme

2. Bridge – Tea Shop 2

An already familiar WordPress online Tea store website template opens up new possibilities. Marketers have proven: moving elements and interactive interaction increases the conversion of an online store. Using the template, you can add cute details and interesting functionality, for example, customer reviews about purchases. A simple and charming design will help to sell unusual teas – mint, cherry, fruit. The color scheme encourages you to stay on the resource – and, ultimately, make a purchase.




tea house

3. BeTheme – Option One

Ready-made bright and expressive template for a tea landing page store. The adaptive layout is perfectly displayed on any device. The developer promises full support and updates, as well as ease of installation. The kit includes:

  • Sliders with automatic image resolution. They will look different depending on where the visitor opened the site.
  • Easy setup combined with lots of customization options.
  • The template contains the necessary scripts for submitting forms and other functionality.

There is nothing easier than selling tea with the help of a store made on this template. Intuitive navigation, the ability to upload large images together with an attractive, bright design gives a wonderful result.




tea site template

4. BeTheme – Option Two

This version of the template is suitable for those who want to “hook” a potential client with an association with antiquity, tea traditions of England or Japan. The solid dark brown design on the same template is complemented by the already familiar ability to upload large images. Show the product face – it increases sales. Full adaptation will allow the project to look great everywhere.




online store on wordpress

5. WoodMart

Premium template with thoughtful UX-functionality, specially designed for “natural” products. Perfect for selling teas due to the expressive bright design and extensive functionality. The developer suggests using one of forty ready-made design options. The ability to filter by color and size of the product is included. This is not just a landing page but a large, full-fledged and very convenient website template for an online tea store.




tea site

6. XStore

A modern convenient template specially created for your business if you want to sell teas to young people. The design flirts with a young audience, but it seems comfortable also to older people.

The kit includes:

  1. 80 main topics – from provocative to traditionally eco-friendly, ideal for selling teas;
  2. Semiannual support;
  3. All necessary fonts, scripts and other “stuffing”.

The ease of installation is guaranteed by the author. Literally: plugin, put your photos – and get to work.




tea house

7. TeaHouse

Want a template that you have to customize minimally? Or not customize at all, just download, install, enter your data and earn on first orders on the same day? Then the choice is for “Tea House” – the name of the template implies that it is a brilliant choice for the desired purpose. Included is an adaptation to any monitors, even Apple’s demanding Retina, responsiveness, easy installation and all the details that you just need to take and use for your pleasure. Images are fully thematic and do not require replacement.




tea and coffee shop

8. TheLeaf

And again, all for the sake of a noble drink. The template is designed as a landing page with the functionality of the acquisition of goods. The author performed it in a dark design that depicts tea tree leaves ready for brewing.

Also have:

  • convenient sliders;
  • adaptation;
  • UX Friendly.

The installation guide, understandable even to a beginner, is the key to quick installation and launching your own resource.



tea from india

9. Chaitan

Fully dedicated to selling teas website theme, the template is easy to change. No need to learn HTML and other web programming languages, because everything is installed on the WordPress engine with just one click of a button. It is easy to change individual details and the whole color gamut, everything you need is included – feedback forms, parallax effect, adaptation to SEO. This is a charming wholesale tea shop website template, you will definitely like it.




tea from china

10. Verdure

Last on the list, but by no means the last in quality, the template is able to boast of purity, elegance. The author guarantees that it will be appropriate and aesthetic on any device. The design fits the theme of selling a fragrant drinks, as the main picture depicts a tea cup and leaves. There is everything you need – forms, buttons.



Any of the presented samples will be an excellent choice for a resource dedicated to the sale of a drink adored by many. It doesn’t matter whether you are in direct deliveries from China or you prepare it according to your recipes – the WordPress website organizes the influx of customers.

Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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