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The ability to speak different languages ​​is one of the most useful “skills” in modern society. Joint business with foreign partners, the possibility of studying abroad, work in foreign companies is far from a complete list of the use of knowledge. Therefore, teaching foreign languages ​​is extremely beneficial if you know how to attract attention and stand out against similar offers. One of the easiest ways is to take a language school template from the best WordPress collection and create your own website that will attract customers.

15 WordPress Language School Website Templates

English website template

1. Lingvico

A selection of cute WordPress themes for language learning school websites. The templates are compatible with the latest version of the Elementor constructor; they look stylish and modern thanks to the competent layout and beautiful animation effects. The authors suggest:

  • the ability to embed video and sound files – relevant for learning any language;
  • mobile adaptability;
  • the ability to do newsletters thanks to advanced contact forms;
  • a calendar plugin for recording at a convenient time – for example, if there are courses in English, German, French and other languages.

The template is easy to install, packed in an archive and installed on your own hosting, after which you just need to change the text and images.


Online courses 2019

2. Masterstudy Education

Another great LMS development for online learning websites. A popular model of online courses website template for which you do not need to leave your home or office anywhere is used at full capacity with the capabilities of the template. Many design options with beautiful vector graphics, simple and effective Bootstrap-layout, plug-ins for conducting video lessons with the ability to chat with students. Payment can also be made through the site and the WooCommerce system. There is a test functionality that is useful for internal exams as part of the training.


Theme for WordPress school site

3. Educator

Website template for language school with several design solutions. There is a specialized niche development for language schools and courses. The following benefits are included:

  1. grouping by courses – you can choose the most convenient option for yourself;
  2. the ability to use as an online store through the integration of WooCommerce;
  3. calendar with the possibility of the announcement of lessons or offline events;
  4. convenient setup using the popular WPBakery editor.

The selection is quite extensive, there are business card sites and blanks for larger resources. Offered for a language school is not the only one, if desired, you can adapt any other for your purposes.


Wp theme

4. Academee

As the name suggests, it is a modern, WordPress theme designed for all educational websites in accordance with all the standards of web development. The features of Retina monitors are taken into account, the design is responsive and suitable for display on any device. Development looks like a fairly traditional landing with convenient functionality, nice design and the ability to use it as a business card with a service offer. The user has the option to select the courses of interest, and the owner of the resource can blog, upload trial classes in the form of a portfolio, including audio and video.


Language school theme

5. Language Center & Online School

Procurement WordPress for LMS – Learning Management System or e-learning system. It implies use as a multisystem with the ability to conduct online courses. Popular languages ​​have already been prepared – from English to French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and many others. A pleasant user-friendly design will help to choose the programs of interest, the functionality of the “trial lesson” is included, which always collects a good conversion. Landing can be developed to a larger size, there are SEO-adaptation and internal content analysis in terms of attractiveness for search robots.


Translation service

6. Translang – translation agency

The template is not only for language training websites but also for a translation agency. A user-friendly and convenient UX / UI design plug-in with an advanced contact form – the user can not only contact but also indicate what type of translation is needed. The main internal pages have already been developed: about translators or teachers, services divided by “packages”, portfolio. The gallery provides for the insertion of not only pictures but also audio, video. There is a mobile version that is saved regardless of customization.



7. Hogwords

Cute bright WordPress theme for a business card or online store selling training services. Colorful vector graphics are included in the price, and is also provided:

  • pre-installed adaptation of WooCommerce;
  • built-in Visual Composer plugin;
  • There is a calendar with a recording format a convenient time for the visitor.

The site can be expanded by blogging, which will be automatically indexed by search engines. The option of placing galleries in a different format is provided.


Online courses

8. Studeon

The authors offer a traditionally structured landing page for language school with a simple but “clean” design – Google fonts are attached with the template, there is a Cyrillic adaptation. Ready-made developments for online courses website, where the user can choose the language of interest or a training program. There is an option to make an offline school and present the program as a site. There is a calendar and event management plugin so that you can announce new courses, special promotions, discounts.


Education WordPress

9. Education

A selection of creative, professionally executed templates for online language school website, which is easy to guess from the name. There are options for any educational area, including language courses. In a set:

  • 14 ready-made demos on which you can change only the text for full work;
  • Built-in LMS system for WordPress – a special plugin for online courses;
  • Plugin for event management, calendar;
  • SEO optimization;
  • Multilanguage support, useful not only for the Cyrillic version but also for several language courses.

The template is compatible with the popular constructor Elementor, although no less well-known WPBakery is installed as standard.



10. Online University

A universal website template for the site of a school, university, online courses, language school and other similar tasks. Bright, attractive design with an abundance of vector elements included in the template, as well as many interesting animations that improve UX and interactivity. Internal pages offering information about courses, teachers, a blog and payment options are already set up in advance in four options. There is integration with the WooCommerce platform.


Training center

11. Education Center

The universal educational WordPress template, as the authors themselves, declare in the description. Compatible with the famous Gutenberg constructor, the most popular Visual Composer is used by default. Pleasant design with a large number of useful elements is the ability to view information about courses, select a specific one, and choose a convenient time for yourself using the calendar plugin. There is a rating of courses to help you navigate, which is especially convenient for large centers with a large selection of training programs.



12. ProLingua – translation service

Powerful website template for translation company an agency that translates from and into different languages. Beautiful modern design in a minimalistic style will help to talk about the benefits, and for the visitor to choose the direction and type of translation: technical, literary, etc. In a set:

  • plugins for sliders and animations;
  • finished internal pages;
  • parallax effect.

It is possible to install Google-maps if the client will personally contact the company’s office.


University site template

13. Kingster

A premium WordPress theme for an educational institution, developed in two design options, includes all the necessary internal pages. The template was rated by more than 130 thousand users, praising the features. There is an easy change in color scheme, ease of setup without the need to learn to code. All elements are perfectly displayed on any screens. There is integration with social networks, WooCommerce provides an event management and the announcement of important dates, events.


School Directory

14. Education Pack

A selection of effective WordPress templates, collected on topics related to education, language course websites. In a set:

  • several dozens of professionally laid out topics;
  • online customization plugin included;
  • optimization for the fastest downloads;
  • the ability for customers to add reviews through social networks.

Among a large selection of attractive options, anyone will find it to their liking, as well as the most suitable for a specific business task.


University theme

15. University – template with RTL function

Another great selection of landing pages, business cards for universities, schools, courses. Pleasant design of all options, plus the possibility of changes using the included plug-in for Bootstrap-layout. Included is a calendar plugin, color scheme settings, a gallery with the option to add not only pictures but videos and podcasts. A special set of courses will help explain the benefits and features of a particular program, and future students will appreciate what suits them best. 10 more RTL templates with spelling from right to left.


The education sector does not require much investment from the owner of the business, especially when it comes to online courses that can be taught from home, paying only for the work of teachers. The Internet is a great way to express yourself and your services. One of these professional and well-made WordPress templates for language courses will help you quickly gain a client base and earn on learning foreign languages.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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