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Introducing Elementor’s new Hello theme – the fastest WordPress theme ever created for work with Elementor.

Hello template is 100% compatible with Elementor It’s code is easy and clean.

An overview of the Elementor Hello theme, which is ideal for developing a landing page with Elementor Pro

hello theme

What is a Hello theme?

Hello – ‘super’ is a free WordPress start theme, which means it is lightweight and minimalistic, a “clean sheet” and includes only styles for basic browser compatibility (such as reset.css).

Initially, developers who needed a basic theme for further customization addressed the starting theme. Today, thanks to the capabilities of the Theme Builder tool (theme designer) from Elementor, choosing a “clean” theme for subsequent customization with Elementor has many advantages, eliminating the need to deal with incompatibilities and code.

Want to change your current theme to Hello?

Just make sure that the site has a header, footer and other sections created on Elementor. Instructions are available here.

Ideal for elemental

Why exactly Hello?

There are many reasons why a template takes advantage over others, here are the most important ones:

  • Ideal for Elementor. Hello theme does not require special settings and is fully compatible with Elementor. When developers release a new version of Elementor, the main testing is done on the Hello template. They make sure that Hello is updated in a timely manner.
  • Ideal for landing pages. If you are creating landing pages, you are aware that every second of loading is important to them. Hello is a ready-made theme with which your landing pages will load faster than ever.
  • Low probability of problems. With Hello, the risk of theme incompatibility with Elementor and other plugins is very low, because it uses minimalist and optimized code. Hello eliminates problems with spaces and color mismatch in CSS code.
  • High performance. Hello “light as a feather.” It is lighter than most themes since it contains virtually no styles and scripts. The whole design is made by Elementor Theme Builder. The faster the download and the less code, the better the SEO performance of the site.
  • Free. In addition, the template will always be available absolutely free. It is important for the authors that users have no doubts about the correct choice of a theme for connecting with the Elementor plugin, and that they can concentrate on creating beautiful and professional sites.

An important point! Keep in mind that using the Hello template without an Elementor does not make sense. After activating the theme, the page is completely devoid of styles and looks like this:

Hello template after installation

This is absolutely normal, as intended.

When activation is complete, you need to do the theme customization.

All you need to do is add the header, footer and content using Theme Builder (Theme Builder). By applying the right layouts and designs, you can create a unique page in minutes.

By the way, the authors created a child theme for Hello, and it is available on Github. Soon it will appear in the WordPress repository.

How fast is this theme?

We have already mentioned high performance, it’s time to give specific examples. We repeat that the strength of Hello lies in its simplicity and content of only the basic code, hence the download speed. Let’s compare the performance indicators of the pages created on Elementor using various themes. All themes below were tested in equal conditions, without caching and optimization.

See how fast they are:

Although performance indicators are close, there is a significant difference in download speed, which is very noticeable on production sites. When your site is completely ready – with plugins, scripts, images, and other slow-loading elements, you can measure the difference in load time in seconds.

plugin compatibility

Is Hello compatible with popular plugins?

One of the benefits of Hello is its configuration-free compatibility with Elementor and other popular plugins:

  • woocommerce – being a “clean sheet”, the theme allows you to use the Elementor’s WooCommerce Builder tool with a minimal chance of problems and glitches.
  • Yoast – Hello perfectly complements the SEO plugin Yoast. Its pure HTML code will help you get the most out of this plugin.
  • WPML – Since Hello is very tiny, it has few lines to translate, and they are easy to translate if necessary. For example, you can quickly translate a backend using WPML.

We did not analyze all 55+ thousand plugins that are available in the WordPress catalog, but it is worth noting that Hello is compatible with most of them. Starting themes are generally more compatible, as they contain less code with which conflicts are possible.
– Theme developers

How to setup

How to create landing pages better and faster

Many marketers use starting themes for landing pages. Here Hello has more advantages than a regular start theme, among them:

  1. The ability to separately set the header and footer for each page or a specific category of the landing page. Unlike ordinary WordPress themes, in which the header and footer are common to all pages, with Hello you can assign a unique header and footer design to a page, category or other criteria.
  2. Fast loading. The lack of extra code allows the landing page to load faster.
  3. You can choose a design with a limited width or full screen. The need to choose between these design options is a rather annoying moment, but for Hello it does not exist.
  4. Ease of creating one-page landing pages with an anchor menu.
  5. Many ready-made landing pages from Elementor and 2000+ Envato Elements Templates. The constantly growing list of templates created on Elementor, including its design team, significantly exceeds the demo content of any multifunctional theme.

Developers, you can improve the theme.

Want to customize Hello? The developers took care of this. Check out a full readme file to learn about the hooks available for the WordPress template.

Examples of code expansion options include changing the width of the content, adding WooCommerce options, changing the default settings, and much more.

How to install and configure Hello theme?

Watch a short video (2:48) about installing a template. 

Hello, installation is a 4-step process:

  1. Go to Console> Appearance> Themes> Add New and select Hello
  2. Install and activate the theme.
  3. Now go to Templates> Theme Builder and add a header and footer. (For this, Elementor Pro must be installed)
  4. Then go to Settings> Reading and make one of the pages the main page of the site

After that you can continue to customize other sections of the site. You can learn this Theme Builder video tutorials (in English).

Let’s summarize

  • Easy starter framework theme
  • 100% compatible with Elementor
  • Over 10,000 active installations
  • 5-star rating
  • The ability to create a responsive design
  • Good documentation
  • The code that is most convenient to work with
  • Limited width and wide format layouts
  • RTL support
  • Optimization for people with disabilities
  • 300+ finished pages and blocks
  • Easy customization of header, footer, and other sections
  • Custom menu
  • Ideal for landing


What are you waiting for? Try it at work!

The Hello theme completes the cycle that we started with Elementor by changing the site creation process.

Action Chain: WordPress Installation> Theme selection > Customization using code

Changes to the following: WordPress Installation> Hello Activation > Customization with Elementor

– theme developers

Useful links:

If you first learned about Hello, I suggest testing it. If you are one of its 10,000+ thousand users, please share your impressions in the comments.

How did using Hello impact your WordPress website creation process?

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