8 WordPress Templates for Boxing & Martial Art Website


Boxing is one of the most famous sports. Many follow the world championships, the performances of famous athletes become significant events. Others prefer to engage on their own, improving health and at the same time relieving stress in a safe way. For any purpose, you may need a website, and WordPress templates will reduce the time and cost of creating a resource. The site template can be found for any specifics, including narrow-key topics related specifically to boxing.

A selection of 8 templates for a WordPress boxing site

boxing school on wordpress

1. Rumble – landing

Adaptive effective landing, including several blanks in the same style: there may be a bookmaker with bets on world sports stars and boxing classes for beginners. From the point of view of the admin panel:

  • the professional thematic design will require a minimum of correction;
  • simple quick installation;
  • Elementor constructor is the leader in 2019 in the quick customization of WordPress templates;
  • calendar for writing.



2. Rumble – training

The Rumble multitask premium WordPress theme is suitable for any topic related to boxing. This is not only a convenient set of tools that will simplify customization as much as possible due to the Elementor plugin that can configure complex animations and transitions. The design of each thematic section deserves special attention. For training and boxing classes website, an effective landing page is provided, if desired, it can be expanded to a large site, adding internal ones. Internal sections have been developed: a trial lesson, a gallery, a description of programs for beginners and continuing. The calendar plugin will help you sign up for a comfortable time for the visitor.


sports equipment store

3. Rumble – shop

Adaptation with the popular platform for trading WooCommerce is also provided in the Rumble boxing school WordPress template, so the authors made a special template for selling themed goods related to boxing. The style and design are preserved, but the user interface is developed in detail here:

  1. basket;
  2. advanced search option by parameters;
  3. product cards, the ability to compare;
  4. the ability to download video galleries – for example, to demonstrate the capabilities of sports equipment.

On the main page you can display the most popular boxing products or hold promotions, discounts, special offers.


News site

4. Rumble – news site

The general “spirit” of the WordPress template for boxing is preserved, but here the authors redid the structure and presentation of information in the format of a newspaper site, news aggregator. This blank will help to make a resource devoted to sports betting, news related to boxing – all that fans of a spectacular sports need. Pleasant design is both dynamic and energetic, which is fully consistent with the theme, but unobtrusive, so the text is easy to read. The video is inserted in several ways and from any sources – YouTube, Vimeo, others. The calendar plugin is used here for the grid of battle announcements: it is convenient to keep track of upcoming championships.



5. ArtKombat – training

Another boxing website responsive WordPress theme, suitable for several boxing-related topics. It will perfectly cope with the task of a business card website that offers sports club services, training, services related to fitness and sports. Under the theme of boxing classes, a stylish blank is provided in a modern style with a block structure. Actively used animations. It is always easy to set up a website due to:

  • WPBakery constructor
  • easy adjustment of the color scheme;
  • rebuilding frames using the Unyson visual plugin.

The possibilities of WordPress animations are actively used, while mobile and cross-browser adaptability is preserved. WooCommerce integration will help make an online store.


Battle card

6. ArtKombat – battle card

Based on the capabilities of the universal wp template, you can create a catchy spectacular business card, landing page, dedicated to a specific fight or boxing championship grid. A powerful animation with moving figures of fighters is used on the main screen, you can put photos of participants in the next competition there. The thematic design does not provide for anything superfluous, therefore, the design and style of the landing-business card for the battle looks concise, understandable. Immediately there is a call to action: to purchase tickets, this increases the conversion.



7. Bridge

The Bridge multi-template is popular among fans of WordPress themes because this huge collection always has what it takes – landing pages, shops, sites for fundraising for charity. For topics related to boxing, a thematic and at the same time a universal template is provided, which will equally be good as a bookmaker’s landing page and online store, as well as a business card of a fitness club with boxing classes.

The template will help to talk about the benefits; blocking is provided; the information is presented clearly and accessible to the visitor. A comfortable interface will help you sign up for the desired course – beginner, advanced. There is a calendar for recording, as well as the opportunity to talk about coaches, give additional information.



8. BeTheme

Another multi-template with a “boxing” blank among many others. Any of the templates is the development of professional designers, made in accordance with all the laws of a comfortable UX / UI. Premium WordPress Templates are easy to install and maximally adapted for mobile and other devices. For the theme of a fitness club or boxing, a very stylish dark design is offered that looks masculine and brutal, which perfectly matches a sport like boxing. The kit includes premium plugins for customization, recording, form designer.


Boxing is a sport that has a lot of fans. Some people prefer to follow the matches, others prefer to engage on their own. There is a good WordPress template for any purpose of boxin websites: all samples from the collection are written in “clean” code, they are easily adaptable and customizable, they understand Cyrillic fonts. You just need to choose the one that you liked the most and start working with it.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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