7 WordPress Templates for Windsurfing, Kiting, Surfing and Diving websites


Unusual sports are gaining popularity. People want something special, often extreme. The contingent is young people, that is, those who actively use the Internet. It’s easy to interest them if you use a website template, a store for WordPress and the opportunities offered by modern templates with their functionality, animations and other ways to not only attract the attention of the visitor but also make them commit the target action – a purchase or recording to a sports event.

7 cool WordPress templates for windsurfing, kiting, surfing and diving, relevant in 2019

Diving school

1. DiveIt

A nice and relevant WordPress diving template in 2019, made in the usual style of the landing page, looks both interesting and solid, which is designed to convince visitors of the safety of sports events. A powerful animation awaits you when you look at a business card, which naturally stimulates the movement of a person underwater, and other design elements adapt to the basic idea. From the point of view of the admin panel:

  • an extended form of recording – one-time swim, regular classes;
  • compatibility with Instagram;
  • adaptation of WooCommerce;
  • A selection of useful plugins for customization.

For settings, it is proposed to use the most popular WordPress constructor – WPBakery, which will help solve all problems.



2. Malta

WordPress windsurfing template, which is a convenient and easily customizable WordPress theme with a charming bright design. The development is interesting in that it offers a lot of ready-made pages for various programs related not only directly to windsurfing, but also other sports. This will make a large site, a store, and not just a business card site. Simple one-click installation and configuration without coding knowledge, because the well-known WPBakery constructor is used. It will help to make your own individual design based on the existing one, and you don’t need to know programming in a web environment and learn how the code works.



3. Briny

Some interesting developments – there is a WordPress template for surfing and other sea and water sports websites. If desired, you can even adapt to fishing websites and other similar types of entertainment. It is interesting for its powerful bright design, which is sure to be remembered by any visitor. The authors have included many useful options:

  1. plugin for online recording – an advanced version, many nuances, recording at a convenient time;
  2. the additional constructor of contact forms;
  3. fully compatible with WooCommerce;
  4. Instagram support – you can post from the social network to the site.

Another interesting feature: a lot of ready-made pages that do not even have to change too much.


surf school

4. Surf School Lessons and Clubs

As you can easily guess from the name of the template, it is devoted to surfing lessons website and other sports, where you first need to master the technique, before going out to the open sea. A charming landing page with internal pages, if lessons are offered to different categories – children, adults, group or private. The possibilities of animations and infographics are widely used to help demonstrate the number of students and other successes through the website. The authors guarantee the maximum SEO optimization WordPress template, which will quickly promote the site in the TOP by keywords. The authors are also ready to answer any questions that a client may have at any time since support is provided 24 hours a day for that awesome Surfing school premium WordPress template.



5. Xtrail

A multi-template, where there is a WordPress theme for extreme sports, which can be used as a WordPress template for kiting, diving, surfing and other active types of recreation and entertainment. Specifically for surfing, an interesting landing page from the point of view of layout and design is offered, which will be very easy to change and configure – just replace the pictures and text information. Compatible with the popular WPBakery designer, due to which customization will be quick and uncomplicated. The authors guarantee timely support. Full mobile and cross-browser adaptability provide an excellent view of the site on any device, including mobile gadgets.


Wordpress theme

6. Klippe

Another interesting multi-pattern with a fairly “narrow” WordPress theme. It is compatible with WPBakery by default, but you can use Elementor. In terms of appearance and design, it’s a modern creative solution with an abundance of different colors, interesting fonts and other ways to attract the attention of the visitor and make him stay on the site longer. The admin panel offers:

  • functional of an online store – sale of sporting goods;
  • functional support for integration with social networks;
  • SEO optimization;
  • full mobile adaptability, including for Retina monitors.

An effective wp multi-template can be seen on the example of a demo landing, where it is easy to appreciate the bright colors, a beautiful combination of fonts, pictures and other details. All this can be changed at any time for your own tasks.


be theme

7. BeTheme

The well-known BeTheme is popular as a kind of “design standard” of WordPress templates. The selection is very large, totals several hundred preparations for any purposes and tasks. A common point is a detailed study of not only the design as an appealing appearance but also the functionality in the smallest details, ranging from smooth scrolling both on a computer and on a mobile phone to an intuitive interface that will not cause difficulties for the visitor. The kit offers an easily changeable demo blank for the theme of surfing websites, this is an impressive landing page with the most pleasant color scheme and simple but very useful functionality – from lessons to boat rental. Own graphics and a complete set of necessary plug-ins.


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Extreme sports – entertainment for young, well-earned, active people. They are ready to give money for the opportunity to receive their dose of adrenaline. Any of the proposed templates will help to promote an extreme business; just select the most attractive and adapt it to your own tasks.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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