20 WordPress Templates for Video Studio, Movie company, Podcast Website


The production of video, audio materials has long ceased to be a monopoly of exclusively large studios. There are many examples when a low-budget film, a podcast, the work of a video blogger becomes popular. The easiest way to declare yourself, as well as the services provided through the site of a video studio, to help aspiring directors to realize themselves. Also, similar blanks can be used for portfolio, promotion of your own creativity.

20 templates for the website of a video studio, movie theater, podcast, audio, promotional movie

Template for a promotional movie

1. Cinerama – Single Screen Portfolio

A large selection of site templates for everything related to cinemas, podcasts, audio and other related services and portfolios. The authors use different design variations, in light and dark colors, depending on the task being pursued. It is worth paying attention to the capabilities of the admin panel:

  • WPBakery enabled
  • animation and scroll feature with Slider Revolution;
  • shortcodes for players, play buttons;
  • “Feeds” of social networks – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook;
  • mobile adaptability.

The kit includes three sets of icons that will suit any style, even if the owner of the business card decides to completely change the design. There is the option of landing in one screen, with animation that responds to clicks. When you click, an excerpt appears, the trailer or the full movie that you want to demonstrate, you can upload several, each determines its link.


film wordpress

2. Cinerama – presentation of the film

Premium WordPress theme with Aesthetic design in dark colors for the film festival website. The title picture is still, but then the trendy effect of blocks and scrolling is used. Animations are widely used to narrate the synopsis of the film, using quotes. There are a store and the purchase of not only tickets, but also additional merchandise, accessories.


Studio business card

3. Cinerama – studio card

Premium WordPress template with Simple design, including everything you need for a video studio website. Among the elements:

  1. movie poster;
  2. animated event portfolio;
  3. additional information about the team, equipment, awards.

The title screen uses an element of video animation, but then is replaced by a static, albeit scrolling, picture, so as not to look overly intrusive. A nice neutral solution within an excellent template with good functionality.


Site card director

4. Cinerama – director’s business card

Aesthetic and strict WordPress online portfolio of the film director with a convenient opportunity to arrange the work in chronological order, telling about each main, as well as provide additional information. Black and white design do not distract from the main task, well-used animations help to interest the site user. There is the possibility of online sales and store functionality, as well as an SEO-optimized blog with ready-made post templates.


Movie Blog

5. Cinerama – a movie blog

The multivariate movie blog WordPress template also offers a special theme for conducting a thematic blog dedicated to film events, premieres, movie reviews. A modern block layout with active elements and the absence of “empty space” on the main one, and inside there are competently designed blanks for the future text. Each blog entry can be illustrated with integrated video, and, use internal storage.


Film business card

6. Silverscreen – movie card

Another version of an interesting and rich in various features premium WordPress theme multipurpose for the thematics of video, cinema, podcast websites. All blanks are made by professionals, the authors offer many useful functions for the admin:

  1. WPBakery constructor
  2. Edge Slider plugin, which allows you to reduce and enlarge images smoothly, on hover and other manipulations;
  3. shortcodes for social networks, pricing tables;
  4. “Carousel” for showing pictures in an endless scroll;
  5. WooCommerce integration.

Many functions and various variations of the template for various tasks make it universal for everything related to presentation theme: video, audio, podcasts. For a business card, a theme with a beautiful background styling is offered, by default, parallax scrolling is used. It alternates with light blocks, which are equipped with interesting animated effects.


Film festival

7. Silverscreen – film festival

The ideal premium WordPress business card theme for advertising and the announcement of the film festival. Horizontal scrolling is used at the top, on the title screen. The Landing page includes all the necessary attributes, such as a story about the festival program, the jury, about future awards and applicants. All pages and relevant sections are already pre-arranged and ready for use. As a background, parallax scrolling elements are used. WordPress theme provides the ability to subscribe and purchase tickets online through your film festival website.


Movie trailers

8. Silverscreen – Trailers

WordPress template for demonstrating trailers in the format: picture and description. When pressed, the video file is activated. An intuitive way for the user to convey information, there are additional sections for blogs, ticket sales. Mobile adaptability is provided for the movie trailers website template.



9. Silverscreen – portfolio

Creative workpiece for the director, sound engineer, any specialist associated with the cinema websites. The main element is scrolling effects, the image and text change while scrolling, the style is saved on mobile devices. It looks stylish, modern and creative. When pressed, video or audio is activated.


Film production

10. Bridge – video production

Famous multi-purpose premium WordPress template selection, where there is a lot of interesting things. For video production purposes, it is proposed:

  • Nice design with accent layout and hover animations;
  • SEO optimization;
  • Smooth scrolling effects.

By purchasing a collection, the user receives not only all 400+ templates but also the necessary plugins – a visual editor, calendar settings, online stores. For video production websites, an animated portfolio is provided.


film wordpress

11. Bridge – movie card

Business card WordPress theme site – a finished presentation of a specific work. An accented main screen that allows you to put the video on the background and immediately talk about the work. Several large elements with information about actors, directors, awards. Block elements and modern full integration with social networks – Instagram, YouTube, Twitter for your movie card website.



12. Revolution – Agency

Another relevant selection is a WordPress multi-template with good functionality, which includes:

  1. Elementor constructor – considered by many to be the most convenient;
  2. optimization for fast downloads and search robots;
  3. stylish options for headers, footers, blog;
  4. plugin for sound effects – especially useful for podcasts.

Thanks to the Elementor plugin, you can always change the color scheme to the desired one, it only takes a few seconds. The same constructor allows online viewing of results. An effective landing page with an animated header image, a dark solution and pre-created internal pages is offered for the video agency’s site.



13. Revolution – portfolio

A creative solution with lots of animations, even call-to-action buttons are animated. The theme is also dark, but it is always easy to change. Block elements are provided, by clicking revealing and telling details. Plugin “Carousel” with design in the form of a film as a particularly spectacular detail.



14. Soundbyte – a site with podcasts

Premium WordPress Template for the audio studio, podcasts website. Made in the form of a simple one-page with an emphasis on the main product, the ability to play files and put themed images on the background. There is a support option using the Donation plugin, a menu with episodes is provided, the user will be able to listen to the materials of interest in any order.


Movie Blog

15. Moview

A minimalistic and powerful premium WordPress movie catalog template that integrates with WooCommerce allows you to make sales. Functionality included:

  • 100% responsiveness;
  • storage and presentation capabilities of the film archive;
  • own set of icons;
  • Bootstrap layout.

The functionality of the basket allows you to purchase tickets, and the BuddyPress plugin allows you to receive feedback from viewers from social networks.


Movie Search

16. Movify

Premium WordPress theme Developed for an online movie theater with excellent and convenient functionality. A search string is immediately offered, which works through the Ajax plugin. There is an option to subscribe to updates, new movies or a genre of interest. The authors created additional sections: contacts, “About Us”, a blog that will help talk about the films appearing in the collection.


Video screen

17. Spool

The WordPress template for the movie studio, suitable for any task, looks modern. Functionality includes:

  • original solution with a video title;
  • smooth scrolling due to Sliver Revolution;
  • all major external resources are supported – YouTube, Vimeo;
  • 800 Google Fonts.

For maximum customization, the Visual Composer plug-in is built-in. There is an online store option.


News site

18. Publisher Theme

A large selection of blog templates, it is possible to maintain a video blog with a neat insert, you can configure automatic downloads or by clicking to save traffic. Light neutral color scheme. More than thirty widgets for scrolling and viewing, the ability to make announcements, offer interesting visitors. The functionality of “sharing” and other social actions.


Collection video

19. VideoPro

Another great premium WordPress template option for video blogging or game streamer website. The possibility of live streaming, posting post factum recordings is provided. Other options:

  1. three basic styles for internal pages, most are ready, others are automatically generated in a single style;
  2. Ajax search
  3. there is the possibility of interactivity: users will be able to embed video photos;
  4. playlist support.

The blank is designed not only for one blogger but also as a platform for self-realization for many users.


Vlog site

20. Vlog

Advanced WordPress theme for professional video blogging, made in the style of news portals. Simple bright design with an abundance of options for choosing the most interesting information, teasers, categorization, search. A subscription is provided, which will allow you to collect a database of interested visitors. High download speed.


The direction of video and audio is the most relevant on the Internet, because no one wants to just read the text and even watch pictures. WordPress templates will help you to talk about films, festivals, copyright works, offer your services in the form of modern portfolio. It is enough to choose one of the professional templates and adapt it to your own business or non-profit tasks.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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