20 WordPress templates for the dance school website


Dance training has not long been considered the sole prerogative of classes for children. Many adults also choose for themselves a healthy and pleasant hobby that combines sports, the ability to relax and have fun. Advertising services over the Internet is the easiest way to express yourself and make potential customers pay attention, both parents of children and adults looking for the opportunity to learn how to dance. A site template for dances and courses dedicated to this art will help best.

20 WordPress templates for the website of the dance school, portfolio of the dancer, dance studio, dance band website

Dance Website Template

1. Arabesque – Pole Dance

Dance school website template with several options. From a technical point of view, they are all united by a convenient admin panel, one-click content import, adaptability and the use of the main plug-ins needed to create a site, including:

  • WPBakery is a visual editor that helps you arrange elements without the need for coding;
  • Slider Revolution – adjusts the scroll, return up, other animations;
  • Schedule – option to record at a convenient time.

Specifically for the WordPress theme with dancing in the style of Pole Dance, delicate, refined design with an elegant design is offered, which immediately gives an idea of ​​exactly what services are offered.


Ballet School Template

2. Arabesque – Ballet

The general template provides layers in the form of a landing page for a variety of topics with a ready-made design that adjusts to the desired mood. The ballet theme is distinguished by a noble grace, which will really be associated with the noble art of classical dance due to the delicate color scheme, well-chosen fonts and thematic images for the dance school website.


Dancing Modern

3. Arabesque – Ballet (dark version)

For fans of dark designs, the premium WordPress multi-template of Arabesque business card sites offers such an interesting appearance for the future landing page of a dance school. This option is also designed for the theme of ballet, due to the dramatic color scheme it looks even more expressive. An extremely effective block for a small video is provided.


Latin American dancing site

4. Arabesque – Latin American Dances

The theme of the site is a dance school from the universal multi-template, designed for the Latin dance courses website. The center of the design is a beautiful couple in suitable suits – it is also worth noting that all the graphics are attached with the template, it can be saved on your own resource. Background parallax effect and also thematic photos. Conveniently located form for recording at the right time. The business card looks professional, the code is adaptive.


Modern dance

5. Arabesque – Modern

An energetic solution with the maximum use of the ability of sliders and video, while maintaining adaptability for mobile devices. When scrolling, new spectacular frames appear due to the maximum used features of the Revolution Slider plugin pre-installed in the selection. WPBakery Designer will help replace the color scheme, put your own videos. Fonts adapted for Cyrillic, complete with a huge collection of universal Google styles.


dance wordpress theme

6. Vibez Dance School

Business cards and premium WordPress landing page for dancing schools are often offered with sets for different types of this art to do multi-landing. First of all, you should pay attention to the admin panel:

  1. convenient Event Calendar for recording;
  2. Timetable – for the selection of time, not only by the day but also by the hour;
  3. Store functionality and WooCommerce adaptation are provided.

Internal pages are provided: about teachers, course features, blogging options, contacts. Convenient functionality of the basket and view additional products on the dance courses website.


pole dance wordpress

7. Vibez Pole Dance

A colorful, slightly provocative premium WordPress theme for Pole Dance courses and strip plastic website. Bright colors combine well with each other, setting the right atmosphere. Many interesting animations and effects that the built-in Revolution Slider plugin provides. Intuitive design, there is integration with social networks.


hip hop dancing pattern

8. Vibez Hip Hop

As you might guess, a template for hip hop or breakdance website. Black design with light elements sets the right mood for a brutal “street” dance. The possibilities of parallax scrolling and other effects are also actively used. A calendar is already provided, it is easy to sign up at the right time.


latin dance 2019

9. Vibez Latino

The colorful template for teaching Latin dance is made in the traditional black-red-white gram for this theme. A nice animation of the homepage of stasis is accompanied by a call to action, sign up for classes. Further, with the help of block fashion, which is fashionable, it is proposed to explain the advantages, a trial lesson can be offered.


Children's dance school

10. Vibez Children

A special premium WordPress template option for children’s dance classes website, which immediately provides several ready-made “packages” – for example, if you choose one, two or more classes, individual training. Neutral light design, nice pictures, you can use them “as is” or change them in the Visual Composer constructor.


Fancy dancing

11. Bard

Templates for a theater or dance studio website. It is possible to use both the landing page role and the connection of internal pages – a team, techniques, teachers, video portfolio from performances. Among the useful elements of the admin panel:

  • Tickera – plugin for purchasing tickets;
  • Slider Revolution – animations;
  • Shortcodes for roles, directing and other elements of productions;
  • 800+ Google fonts.

Powerful adaptive design with interesting color solutions involving video in the background and other modern layout features. See also: Templates for the theater website – open the selection.


Dancer Portfolio

12. Bard Portfolio

Aesthetic premium WordPress landing for the online portfolio of a professional dancer, engaged in, inter alia, training. It is an interactive resume with options for inserting video in the hero image role, an advanced gallery, a story about their achievements. The one-page can be expanded if desired, the layout of the functionality of the blog and other internal pages is included.


dance school

13. Educator

WordPress multi-template for all kinds of learning resources website. In a set:

  • 9 full sites – with internal pages;
  • bbpress plugin for forums and discussions;
  • Timetable – for recording;
  • 6 “packs” of icons.

All designs look neutral and versatile and easy to adapt to the built-in Visual Composer plugin. WooCommerce integration and online sales opportunities are provided.


be theme

14. BeTheme

A very popular multi-theme with designs made by Behance professionals. It differs not only by its powerful external design but also by its competent approaches to UI / UX, all the nuances of the internal pages are provided. In total, more than 400 options, including many interesting versions for dance studios.


Urban dance

15. Bridge

Another versatile multi-template, without which no selection deservedly does. The thing is that in a set of 376 complete website designs, including internal descriptions, contacts, blog entries. Demos are made by experienced coders, load quickly on computers and mobile devices. A complete set of settings – from the visual editor to SEO adaptability.


Light site

16. Dance

A simple name indicates the thematic nature of the template, and indeed it is a narrowly targeted niche development with a pleasant light design, a white background and several bright pictures-accents. A universal web template is suitable for any dance studio website. The admin panel offers:

  1. Events Schedule – for easy recording;
  2. Visual Composer – the authors emphasize that this traditional plugin is more convenient than the Elementor, although you can use it;
  3. Slider Revolution – all relevant animation features.

The template is adaptive not only for mobile devices but also for Retina-monitors due to its high resolution. Integrated with the social network Facebook.



17. The7

Despite the name, the multi-template includes not seven, but more than forty developed from and to sites that include the main internal pages. Over a thousand settings and options, six main plugins for visual editing, animations (Slider Revolution), GoPricing for online trading under the WooCommerce platform. Already translated into 10 languages, including Russian, as can be seen by the word “Hello” in the advertising layout.



18. Dance School

Bright color WordPress template for a business card of a dance studio, characterized by an abundance of additional graphics made by experienced designers. There are also 11 options for headers, the main plug-ins – from the “Calendar” for easy recording and the visual editor WPBakery for fine-tuning to MailChimp, which allows you to send newsletters to subscribers subscribed to the news. Six types of built-in blogs.


Videophone template

19. Dance Studio

The template of the same name with the previous one also differs in a pleasant design, this time is not too bright, eye-comfortable colors. In a set:

  • internal pages – all the main ones are ready, the additional ones are being completed on the finished grid;
  • Timetable, Events Calendar – sign up for any number and time;
  • WooCommerce plugin – immediately a complete marketplace.

The color scheme is customizable online, you can always change pictures and other elements.


Template for a site about dancing

20. Emanuella

A Russified dance school template that offers a selection of plugins (sliders, visual settings, time and date) in one set called Cherry Plugin. The design is as versatile as possible, it is easy to adjust to the desired task. Pure code, SEO-optimization, all elements are prepared under the Cyrillic alphabet.


Dancing is a popular entertainment, many successfully replace fitness, especially to those who find ordinary sports too boring. Training can be a profitable business that requires a minimum of investment. It is enough to purchase one of the templates and use it to create your own business card site.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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