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Industrial sites appeared, on the one hand, earlier than others, on the other – often today they all look the same as in 2005. Many owners think about updating, updating, modern appearance, functionality. For all such opportunities it is not necessary to pay a lot of money when ordering the services of professional programmers, designers and layout designers. The industrial site template, offered among the development for the WordPress platform, may well meet all the requirements.

Overview of 16 WordPress templates for the Industrial Factory website, Industrial plant website, Manufacturing website.

Wordpress theme factory

1. Franco

Professional, rigorous and at the same time the charming design of the factory site template is combined with the functionality of shopping, the ability to sell products, including such specific ones as machines, parts for them. In addition to the main function of the business card website, it is proposed from the point of view of the admin panel:

  • customization option supported WPBakery constructor;
  • the ability to blog with more than 20 options for animations in posts;
  • social integration – “likes”, “shares”;
  • own set of widgets, more than 750 customization options.

Mobile adaptability is provided, which has already become the standard for all good WordPress themes.


wordpress factory

2. Nex

A selection of several rigorous, minimalistic premium WordPress landing page for factories, engineering website. Made in soft colors, which gives solidity and a feeling of reliability, professionalism. A special set of icons with thematic images is offered: truck, oil rig, parts, and spare parts, etc. Integrated with WooCommerce for the possibility of online sales of products, several popular plugins are included, including Slider Revolution, Cube Portfolio. You can install the plug-in calendar if services are offered so that the client appoints a convenient time.


Construction site theme

3. Fortunio

An adaptive WordPress theme for woodworking, logging, can be used for custom-made furniture and wood products website. There is the possibility of customization by the popular Visual Composer designer, clean typography, nice colors even in the base demo assembly. The authors guarantee excellent SEO-optimization, allowing you to use the template as landing, and for a more voluminous flow of information. Internal pages are included: description of services, production features, team. It is possible to integrate WooCommerce.


Industry website

4. HomeRoofer

A nice WordPress theme for a construction company or for the provision of repair services, by default, roof repair, pictures and themes can be easily changed. There is a breakdown into “blocks” by complex of services, a contact form with a call to action is immediately connected. Other benefits include:

  • the adaptability of images – automatically resize for a monitor;
  • “Clean” typography, support for Cyrillic fonts;
  • all major social networks are integrated;
  • ability to edit headers and footers.

The template uses interactive Ajax search, due to this and WooCommerce integration, you can additionally use the blank as an online store.


Construction Template WordPress

5. Handyman

WP Template for the production of tools, factories, construction companies website. It can be used for online shopping, as well as in the role of a landing, business cards with the option of ordering services for a certain time, chosen by the client thanks to the functionality of the Appointment Booking plugin. Internal pages are made up: prices, production story, features and advantages, contacts, you can make product cards for individual items for sale. Several styles for headers and footers.


construction theme

6. Phlox Pro

A multi-template based on one of the most modern designers under WordPress, Elementor. The functionality allows extremely fine-tuning, with maximum detail, without using coding. Elementor includes the possibility of animation, online selection of color schemes, font changes. By default, more than 80 developments are included, among which there are topics for factories, production, and construction. Over 60 unique extras offered with the designer.



7. Soleng

An unusual template created under the theme of solar energy, but can be used for the site of production, plant, electrification services, etc. The simple, functional design is intuitive, easy to customize with the supported popular WPBakery plugin. Besides:

  1. mobile optimization, including download speed;
  2. WooCommerce support;
  3. parallax background;
  4. selection of additional options.

In total, more than 750 options, own set of widgets, codes written specifically for this topic and working perfectly in all browsers.



8. Mahogany

The authors conceived a template for the production and services of laying floors – parquet, laminate, plaster website. Immediately provided for the division into different budget “package” offers that will help orient the user. The page provides a portfolio with a demonstration of finished products, interiors, just as you can substitute any other pictures or videos. In addition to the main plugins, the convenient ThemeREX has been added, which allows you to manage widgets, settings, and combine them with each other. A special constructor for headers and footers is provided.



9. Ave

A multi-template with a huge number of ready-made designs for landing or large corporate sites, demos include internal pages, including product cards for wholesale or retail sales, detailed descriptions of services, and a portfolio in the form of a carousel. A selection of topics was highly rated by users, with an average rating of five stars. Full WooCommerce compatibility, including the development of basket and order functionality. Special plugins tailored specifically for this collection:

  • Ave Core;
  • Ave Portfolio;
  • Ave Events.

They maximize compatibility, there will be no problems with customization and customization, no special knowledge is needed.


Woodmart Template Infographics

10. WoodMart

A large selection of ready-made website stores for WordPress, with all the internal functionality – search by many parameters, including filters to exclude or refine the request, the Visual Composer plugin and its extension for the design of headers and footers, more than fifty demo workpieces. The total number of pages, including internal: more than three hundred, many on the subject of factories, production, engineering, sales of technical equipment and services. Originally designed for large sites, it is therefore easy to make a full-fledged resource for the plant.



11. Wegener

Strict template in a light color with a dark main screen. An attractive color scheme and harmonious appearance are selected by default, but if you want to change something, the user can use the support of the popular Visual Composer plugin. Many others are also supported:

  1. Slider Revolution – guarantees scrolling, animations in a modern style;
  2. Booked Appointment – for recording, calling for a specific time;
  3. MailChimp – a collection of addresses.


Worker site template

12. Anderson

The minimalistic design of the template in the traditional style will suit both the landing page and the “advanced” site of the plant, production with a detailed description of technological features, goods and services. You can talk about the advantages of certain goods, make promotions through animated “offer packages” placed in the second block after the title screen. Main plugins are supported, internal optimization for search engines is worked out, mobile adaptability will be preserved with changes.


Furniture for sale

13. Chrimson

Light and very elegant template, originally conceived for the production of windows, doors, fittings, furniture. Thanks to the dim and universal design, it will look good in any subject related to technology. Features:

  1. plug-in calculator – you can calculate the cost of goods depending on the quantity;
  2. contact forms, the ability to “like”, make a “share”;
  3. full compatibility with a fully functional WooCommerce store.

There are many internal pages: service descriptions, details about a particular product, a blog with unlimited options for inserting video, audio, and pictures.


WordPress Multitask

14. Bridge

Multi-pattern, known to almost every WordPress user. At the moment, in the collection of almost four hundred fully developed demos, including header and inner pages. The selection is constantly updated. Under the themes of factories, technological production and engineering, the authors offer a powerful theme with horizontal scrolling on the main screen, support for parallax scrolling and modern design for 2019. Supported animated infographics, which will help to talk about their achievements. Integration with social networks is supported, its own set of icons is offered.


Tree design

15. Corgan

A simple but attractive premium WordPress landing page for a master woodworker, locksmith, installer website. It can be either a personal portfolio business card or the site of a company or an entire factory. Briefly and clearly describes and offers services, the design is modern, adapted for mobile monitors, including Retina. Own graphic elements-icons with themes of production, wood, tools are used. Integrated with WooCommerce, thanks to which it can be used as a store.



16. Optima

Creative and brutal WordPress template in emphasized industrial style, designed specifically for the site of the plant. Own pictures are well suited to the topic, so you can save the design proposed in the demo version, replacing only the text. Pre-designed internal pages are included, including proposals for cooperation, vacancies for workers, engineers, etc. A store created on the basis of the WooCommerce platform is already ready. A lot of animated elements of infographics, which will tell you about your work and achievements.


One cannot do without a presentation on the Internet: factories, the industrial sector, and also trade in the B2B segment are no exception. All potential customers and partners use the worldwide network to learn about products and services. However, colossal expenses for programmers and support are optional; you can choose one of the WordPress templates made by professionals and use them for your own manufacturing business website.

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