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Many people tend to buy electronics, choosing online shopping as a way to save time and money at the same time: cheaper in online stores. For sellers, refusal to rent space is also beneficial, promotion through the network is becoming the best way to offer customers a product. An electronics store template will help you quickly create the desired resource, launch it and use it for profit.

Review of 16 WordPress templates for the online electronics shop website

Electronics Store Template

1. WoodMart – the first option

The multi-template is designed for selling, premium WordPress landing pages and shops are included for your electronics website. There are many collections of site templates for WordPress, including several dozens, or even hundreds of options, but this one is immediately adapted for sales, without additional settings. In the admin panel:

  • WPBakery constructor – visual editor;
  • WooCommerce integration, user registration, store functionality;
  • forms for search, the ability to customize its parameters (color, model).

One of the popular options for selling gadgets is a traditional store in blue and white, with the ability to focus buyers on new products, special offers and promotions.


woocommerce electronic

2. WoodMart – second option

Premium WordPress theme for online electronics shop website with a large number of dynamic elements, each will help to effectively present the product, emphasize the technical and external characteristics. It can be used as a business card site for a story about a new gadget. The template is adaptive, it displays well on mobile devices, the authors guarantee optimization in terms of download speed.


Theme template for computer software

3. WoodMart – hardware

Stylish landing page in dark colors, one of the most spectacular, offered in the set of multi-template. The possibilities of animations are widely used, including the main screen, on which you can place the most advantageous and interesting offer for users. The dark color provides a stylish appearance, brutality, with the help of it emphasizes the style of premium gadgets, especially computers. Contrast color animations create the effect of a “bright” site.


Gadget store

4. WoodMart – Gadgets

Another WordPress theme, this time, a light background and accentuated highlight with a pinkish tint that harmonizes well with any colors of the products themselves. There is a functional animation for various purposes, for example, emphasis on new products, promotions. The blank is designed for mobile devices – phones, tablets, the design is universal, you can imagine any new model. The template is very flexible, you can use it for any subject, at least for a children’s clothing store.


Creative design

5. ezBoozt

Responsive premium WordPress template for online gadgets store. Three fully prepared niche sites plus almost sixty additional pages laid out and ready for active use. The authors also offer:

  1. animated buttons;
  2. store functionality with search by color, dimensions, price;
  3. Visual Composer constructor
  4. MailChimp contact collection plugin.

To work with the gadget store, a traditional view of the Internet store is offered, with the menu on the left, the ability to demonstrate the most interesting offers. The white background does not distract from the main task, the display of goods.



6. Marketo

A new developed and updated WordPress theme that uses all the latest achievements of the WordPress platform. Among them:

  • Elementor constructor – offers new adaptive visual settings;
  • language support, including Russian;
  • Slider Revolution plugin
  • user registration is integrated with social networks;

The Elementor constructor itself includes additional features for working with pictures, fonts, and subscription forms. Only six options for fully finished online digital shop websites, under the theme of the gadget store – a nice professional light theme with the ability to advertise the right product on the home page.


Selling Electronics

7. Ecome

A stylish WordPress template is suitable for a business card offering a specific product, as well as for large resources with a large selection. Implemented Ajax search with a large number of parameters, a convenient user account, the ability to switch from Russian to English or others. A call to action is supported in the form of a pop-up window that offers to subscribe to discounts, promotions and special offers. High download speed (2.3 seconds according to GTmetrix) and mobile adaptability.



8. Woodstock

Spectacular WordPress theme offered in a light and dark version. Niche development for watches, gadgets, mobile devices, computers online store website. Click-to-enlarge plugin included, including 3D viewing. Fully adapted for trading, the user’s account is intuitive, the function of comparing one product with another is supported. There are already many internal pages besides commodity cards: contacts, blogs, delivery terms, etc.


Electro theme wordpress

9. Electro

Bright design with bright yellow accents attracts attention and is immediately remembered by the user. The template is designed for large stores with many categories and subcategories of electronic products. In the admin panel you can find:

  • Elementor plugin for visual customization;
  • adaptation for fast loading (2 seconds by GTmetrix), all subpages are optimized;
  • Bootstrap adaptive layout tables that display well on mobile devices;
  • a lot of submenus in the style of “hamburger”.

Animations are used to help introduce the visitor to the hottest products and attract attention. There is an option to subscribe, contact forms.


tech theme 2019

10. Techmarket

The multi-purpose template, the authors suggest the use of watches, glasses, fashion accessories sale on your personal digital store website. In addition to the mandatory adaptation of WooCommerce, there is the King Composer constructor. The user will have the opportunity to add their favorite products to the wishlist. Supported online payment. From the point of view of appearance – a combination of a simple bright online store with landing elements (countdown, special offers with discounts).


basel template

11. Basel

A fully responsive premium WordPress theme that the authors consider to be “universal trading.” For sale electronics option in blue and white with large images of the goods offered. It looks simple and stylish at the same time thanks to the animation, the Slider Revolution plugin is included in the kit along with the visual editor WPBakery, which will help change any details. All useful store options: Ajax search with filters, the ability to compare, pay online.


mega shop

12. Mega Shop

Another wp theme that is fully based on the WooCommerce plugin, as you can easily guess from the “trading” name. In a set:

  1. 25 demo pages;
  2. Photoshop files are attached;
  3. plugins for customization; Slider Revolution for scrolling and effects;
  4. product selection options.

One of the most “deserved”, but constantly updated and updated premium WordPress theme. The simple appearance of the store with a bright background and menu on the side is complemented by extensive customization options.


Shop on WordPress

13. Cena Store

WordPress template rated by users with five stars. It uses Bootstrap-layout designed for mobile display, although it looks good on a computer. Ten completely finished online gadget shop websites, including product cards, where you can simply substitute your information. The user can put the goods in the basket, mark as liked and compare. Photoshop files are included.


media center

14. MediaCenter

Traditionally looking at electronics online store: light background, emphasis on the necessary goods. Smooth loading with traffic saving. Excellent search by categories and keywords, including SEO-adaptation. Extensive documentation, PSD files, WPBakery constructor and Slider Revolution for sliders are also included.


Simple wordpress store

15. Digi

A traditional light theme with a catchy “main picture” on the title screen. Also included:

  • six ready-made homepage options;
  • the possibility of comparison;
  • Search by detailed parameters: color, size.

The “Basket” plugin will help you purchase goods not only for yourself but also as a gift, there is also integration with social networks that will allow you to leave feedback about specific gadgets.


Wordpress Technology Store

16. Digitech

Professional premium WordPress template with spectacular animation on the main page. Adapted for mobile, including Retina-monitors. Not only traditional settings are included – the Shopping Cart, search, but also the ability to collect contacts for mailing thanks to the MailChimp plugin. Visitors will be able to evaluate specific products by giving them one to five stars.


It is most profitable to sell and buy electronics through the Internet – this was understood by potential customers, which means that you can profitably sell electronics through an online store. Ready-made WordPress templates are convenient and easy to use, Cyrillic is supported everywhere. Simply put your goods and start the resource in work.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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