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Before we will present to you 11 Best Food Blog WordPress Themes for Recipe,Culinary Blog,Food Blog,Cooking blog & other foodie related food recipes website templates to you. Let me give some tips for beginner food bloggers who want to make money on culinary blog website.

Cooking is an art in which everyone can reach significant heights. Bloggers year after year prove that they can press both the official media and professional chefs. They write books and grow up with an army of fans, conduct master classes and participate in making menu for restaurants.

We like to cook, try new dishes and share interesting recipes with others. Today we want to talk about wordpress food blog themes that inspire us. We are sure that you will like them too. Tasty and healthy food, simplicity of cooking, mouth-watering photos. Food is not only a source of energy, but a whole art. At least, if it comes to food blogging. We present to your attention the selection of the best wordpress food blog themes according to ActualThemes.

There is a blog like researching a specific topic, a blog like a diary of watching the outside world, a blog like a collection of recipes, a blog as a practical guide for a cook or a consumer – these are the most popular forms that take the topic of food in the space of personal online diaries.

Today each country can boast of its cuisine and culinary recipes, which were invented several centuries ago. World cooking is developing as rapidly as the history of all mankind. During its existence, thousands of various dishes were invented, a huge number of cookbooks were written. That cooking, to which we are accustomed today, has gone through a difficult path, from simple cooking to primitive peoples, to delicious dishes of modern cooks.
In the history of cooking, there are many contradictions, for some nations were restrained to take food, while others willingly consumed only refined dishes.

If you do something better than others – be sure to share it with the online community using as recipe theme from one of this best food blog templates below! For example, manage a blog and share your successes, thoughts or discoveries with other people. If cooking is something from which you get a special pleasure, then let our selection of the best food blog website templates for food bloggers, be an inspiring example for you!

On your hobby of cooking you can not only become famous, but also earn money! But even if you just like to eat deliciously or take a look at culinary blogs masterpieces, you should know who is making fashion in the culinary blogging- Bloggers who use as website template only Premium foodie wordpress theme and not free food blog templates because of poor security quality.

Tips for novice food bloggers on how to become a food blogger.

To create a culinary blog using our best food wordpress themes and earn on it, you need to:

1. Choose a blog topic

You can lead as a highly specialized blog, and large-scale. Having a blog with a variety of recipes. Or you can create a blog with a narrow focus. For example, a blog about muffins or cakes. There are many people who blog about a single dish. This is a promising direction and can become a chip of your resource.
2. To come up with an interesting name for the blog

The title should be concise, understandable and catchy. Short and capacious.

3. Purchase domain and hosting

Hosting is the place where all the content of the blog will be stored. Now the price for hosting is from 5$ per month. The domain is the name of the site under which it will be visible in the search engines. Domain can be bought from 10$ per year.

4. Choose the food wordpress theme (appearance)

Popular free systems for creating a website (engines) – Joomla, MadeSimple and WordPress. Most bloggers create sites on WordPress. With this system it is easy to handle, plugins (extensions) are regularly developed for it. Over it constantly work and release new improved versions.

We do not recommend using standard free recipe wordpress theme. If the budget allows, better buy a Premium wordpress recipe theme or order a unique template for your blog. The cost of a simple cookery templates starts from $ 30. The price of a professional wordpress recipe theme is about $70.

5.Discover the technical details

To install the selected system on the hosting, as well as the template will need special knowledge. They can be obtained for free on the Internet: watch a video on Youtube or read articles on blogs. You can also contact the staff of the hosting provider or the developers of the premium food blog templates. They often help their clients. I advise you to create mail with the domain name of your site.

 6. Come up with your own chip. Without it, you are lost in the flow of blogs

This may be an unusual blog heading. For example the rubric “Interview”. In it, you can publish interviews with chefs and restaurateurs. Even if you are not a journalist, and it’s very hard for you to persuade a person to give an interview. But you should understand how it will be interesting for the readers.

7. Create blog pages in social networks and publish them regularly

On Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Make a plan for working with social networks every month. For example, on Mondays, you could wish your subscribers a good week, and on Fridays, throw links to recipes from your blog . Also during the week you can look for funny pictures on the culinary theme.

8. Make beautiful photos

A food blogger will need a good camera to create high-quality photos of cooked dishes.

9. Be friend with other food bloggers

Subscribe to the updates of your competitors, read them and comment. Keep track of what dishes are now in vogue. This will help to plan interesting publications on the blog.

10. To choose tactics of earnings

Common ways of earning for a cooking bloggers are contextual, teaser and banner advertising; Posts with links and affiliate programs. First of all food blogging is an additional channel for promotion, not a way only to earn money. Cooking is food bloggers lifestyle, which includes a blog, and participation in fairs and festivals, and communication with restaurateurs and cooks or cooking meals to order.There are many people who actively combine cooking online and offline. With this way of life you can earn lots of money.

We hope that our selection of cooking website templates will be useful and interesting for you! I wish you to select the recipe website template that will touch your heart through stomach.  🙂

Food Blog – WordPress theme for personal food recipe blog

Food blog is a food wordpress theme created especially for food lovers who love to write and publish all kind of tasty stories on their cooking blog online. Right after 1 click installation process you can begin submitting food recipes and different food preparation tips & tricks. This premium recipe website template is very well categorized to make it easy for the visitors with particular taste in ingredients find food recipes in a second.

Start building your personal online cooking community right on your blog with account creation feature and users recipe submission possibility. As a food blogger you will definitely fall in love with this premium recipe blog template because of integrated online shop feature which is compatible with WooCommerce plugin.


Spiced Blog – Recipes & Food Personal Blog

Spiced blog is food recipes wordpress theme purpose created for culinary bloggers. It is SEO ready and responsive food recipes theme perfectly suited to host all your original cooking recipes and food images into gallery. It is the best option to express yourself as a food lover in online fields with clean and refreshing design and all necessary tools to start a recipe blog right away.

This awesome cooking blog template is enabled with Recipe Card Plugin to let you create recipes that your fans can print, save and review. Also it generates nutrition facts of your dishes to make user experience unforgettable.


Neptune – Theme for Food Recipe Bloggers & Chefs

Neptune is one of the best best wordpress themes for food blogs that serve for creating an engaging community of people who love to prepare amazing dishes and share recipes with each others online. Neptune is another stunning food theme for culinary bloggers designed so it would suit the most professional masters of cooking. It is enabled with wordpress recipe plugin.

This wordpress recipe theme is extremely attractive, engaging and sophisticated. If you are a food blogger and you are searching for wordpress recipe template for your website then keep your users engaged and interested with Neptune.


Robin – Cute & Colorful Blog Theme

Robin is modern and responsive foodie blogger template for the passionate ones who interested in cooking and food recipe writing for the online community using their personal blog. Robin is cozy and colorful, graphically eloquent and expressive wordpress food blog theme enabled with online store option to make you cooking passion a profitable activity.

Despite many other food blog templates the Robin recipe card template encourage your visitors to buy promoted products by keeping your users engaged and interested.


Sprout & Spoon – A WordPress Theme for Food Bloggers

This amazing feature rich wordpress recipe theme is a dream that just came true for any culinary blogger because it boasts a modern aesthetic and include many foodie features to help you share your amazing cooking creations. It is enabled with recipe index page and recipe wordpress plugin to make it an easy task for the users to find and print the desired food recipe.

The developers of Sprout & Spoon are extra experienced with niche oriented food blog wordpress themes and they pay attention to small details to make this cookbook template an incredibly resourceful and feature rich food wordpress theme .


Epicer – Recipe Listing WordPress Theme

Food bloggers are in good company when they use Epicer as their food recipes wordpress theme because it is one of the most powerful and responsive kitchen themes with endless ways to customize this recipe template to your needs. As a culinary writer you need recipe listing feature and Epicer is the theme that aims to enhance and improve your creative website.

Epicer is a food wordpress theme free of hassle, enabled with separate blog section to give you the opportunity to post topic related news and articles. The most important feature that help food bloggers into driving good traffic to the blog is user generated content feature. In this section every visitor have the possibility to submit their cooking recipe and start a discussion about it,share and review.


Foodbook – Recipe Community, Blog, Food & Restaurant Theme

If you are a food blogger then it is a must to start a recipe community in a special way with Foodbook food blog wordpress theme for your blog. This wordpress recipe theme provides a modern and elegant concept to create a professional culinary review and blog website with ease.

Allow this wordpress recipe template to bring your blog to a new level in food blogging industry with it’s intuitive framework for the effortless creation of functional recipe blog using tons of ready-made elements.


Florentine – Responsive Magazine Theme

Start showcasing your recipes and culinary articles with this modern and responsive best wordpress theme for recipes for your blog. It include 4 examples of homepage design layouts to give you the opportunity to customize your food blog in many ways. Florentine keeps layouts elegant with tons of features and design elements to guarantee an extraordinary user experience.

Visitors can sign up for an account and start submitting or adding to favorite all the desired cooking recipes for printing later on. With Florentine food wordpress theme you will make your recipe collection stand out from the competitive community.


Gustos – Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme

The best part of this wordpress food blog theme is user generated content of cooking recipes possibility. Start building a community of food lovers and Chefs with this awesome premium food recipes wordpress theme created specially for food bloggers and culinary oriented websites.

After the visitors are signing Up for a new account they can start submitting food recipes and articled and engage into discussion with the community about it. This feature is a great opportunity to push the presence of the community from the online to real world.


Elvira – WordPress Theme for Bloggers

Elvira is a premium wordpress food blog suited to help you create your personal food blog and start sharing your food recipes with the community. In is created with clean and modern layout and follows the latest web development trends.The recipe template is enabled with WordPress live customizer to let you manage the aesthetics in the desired way.

Elvira is a a shining example of quality design enabled with Online Shop feature compatible with WooCommerce plugin to help you earn money from food blogging. All together granting your website an unprecedented degree of flexibility and adaptability.


Talisa – Food Recipes WordPress Theme

Showcase your culinary masterpieces with this easy to customize and feature rich premium food recipes wordpress theme. Allow your fans to create a free account and start favorite/bookmark cooking recipes on your personal food blog. Also users can submit and rate their personal recipes and start discussion on your community platform.

Talist wordpress food blog comes as a combination between two parts, a cooking recipes blog and content section blog. Talisa is a professional way to promote your articles online and helps you building a better food community. All of this are making Talist one of the best wordpress theme for food blog.


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