Is it time to change the theme of your WordPress site ?

If you are not a professional web developer, perhaps you do not particularly go into the details of how the theme used for WordPress is specifically designed. But, despite this, it is easy to determine whether your topic meets the current requirements for websites. Or it's time to invest in updating it and replacing it [...]

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WordPress: 10 useful extensions for the Chrome browser

Introduction According to w3schools, as of September 2016, Google Chrome is used by over 72% of all Internet users - and every month this figure is growing. That's why developers constantly make new useful extensions for this browser - including those who administer sites on CMS WordPress. If you have not previously used extensions or [...]

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Top 20 Best Photography WordPress Themes

A photographer is a creative profession in which it is desirable to have a portfolio. But how does a photographer advertise himself and show his portfolio to more people? Having asked such a question, many photographers decide to create their own website using a premium photography WordPress theme. If you are a professional photographer, then [...]

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