12 common mistakes wordpress

Perhaps you finally decided to make a blog, or you are ambitious to make your own site for your own company. In any situation, if you are at the beginning, and you know WordPress, just by hearing, the likelihood of making the most common mistakes in WordPress is great.   This does not mean that [...]

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WordPress disable comments

If you want to wordpress disable comments or comment form on either a new site or an old one, this tutorial will show you the necessary settings. I divided the material into two large parts. In the first part, and the shortest if the site is new and you do not have articles yet. In the second part, [...]

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Best wordpress search plugin on the site

The default WordPress search function is not functional enough if you compare it to all your favorite Google. In addition to simplicity, which sometimes does not lead to relevant results, a Wordpress search may also not include all the necessary information, especially if you use WordPress more as a CMS than as a blogging platform. For [...]

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How to test the WordPress plugins

Places to search (free and premium) WordPress plugins WordPress plugins are very diverse. You can find a ton of free WordPress plugins, most of which are available on WordPress.org. There are also almost as many paid solutions that usually prefer larger sites, because premium plug-ins have additional settings and functions. Most of them can be [...]

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How to protect a site from a Google blacklist

What is Google's blacklist? Search engines such as Bing, Norton Safe Web, McAfee SiteAdvisor and others are trying to offer users better search capabilities, and Google is no different from them. But Google is constantly looking for malicious content on sites that can harm visitors. Then he places these websites in quarantine. Although Google does [...]

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What to see when buy premium wordpress themes

What to Consider When Buying a Premium WordPress Themes Some are more approximate rules than absolute ones. But if you consider all the factors from this list, the choice of the premium WordPress themes will become more objective. 1. Read the reviews (in detail) Luckily, you do not need to do all the work yourself. [...]

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