30 high-quality Cool Premium WordPress theme for your website

To read 13 minutes Starting to create a website for business, many rely on a beautiful design. The constant growing number of users of mobile gadgets has led to the fact that, the beauty of the design is no longer enough - the site simply has to be adaptive. Studies have shown that 30% of [...]

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20 WordPress templates for car rental and car sale website

To read 10 minutes.  Buying a car is a responsible decision that people can take for years. On the other hand, few are willing to pay the full amount in salons. Two factors overlap, form a dilemma: where to get cars, and modern buyers refuse newspapers and random ads, preferring companies with representative offices on [...]

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Top 10 Holiday WordPress Templates for party organization website

To read 6 minutes Many people prefer to give holiday events to specialists in order not to rack their brains on how to please guests and entertain adults or children. A good way of promotion is Internet promotion, especially if there is not only a social network, but also a full-fledged business card site or [...]

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3 WordPress Templates for Water Delivery service Website

To read 4 minutes Water delivery is a service that is relevant at any time of the year. In the summer heat, the contents of the coolers diverge cold, in winter they make hot tea and coffee from it. The service applies simultaneously to B2B business, since the bulk of customers are companies and offices, [...]

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6 WordPress templatesfor online tool store & online instruments shop website

To read 4 minutes  Tools for self-repair, plumbing or construction work are acquired by many. Clients in this area can be companies that provide services in these areas, and individuals who do not want to overpay. Online equipment trade is a profitable business with competent promotion, which has almost completely switched to the Internet. For [...]

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10 underwear store templates for WordPress

To read 5 minutes. Trade is increasingly moving online, underwear is no exception. Many people do not want to spend time on stores, preferring to order the necessary goods via the Internet. A competent website with the necessary functionality is the best way to show the product by a person, to get loyal customers. The [...]

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10 WordPress Templates for Jewelry shop Website

To read 6 minutes  Jewelry and accesories sells well: for yourself or as gifts. However, maintaining a store or even a boutique in a shopping center will be expensive, but on the other hand, many are too lazy to go around and look for something suitable when you can only access the Internet. Jewelery and [...]

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12 WordPress Templates for online Wine Store & Liquor Store website

To read 7 minutes    Quality alcoholic drinks are what people look for in specialized stores. It doesn’t matter if it’s about wines, liquors or beer, fans of certain aperitifs try to find a “favorite place”. The Internet helps to talk about your range and find regular customers. The WordPress template for a liquor store [...]

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6 WordPress templates for websites selling drones online

To read 6 minutes Drones are not just fun entertainment or a toy. Video recording, surveillance, various functions - all this is possible thanks to the controlled “drones”. An offer to sell devices or services will find their buyer, and they will most likely be searched through the Internet, because everyone today is a fan [...]

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