100+ Internet resources for digital-marketers

Despite the fact that the promotion in internet has its own specifics, some knowledge can be obtained from different resources. In this list there are more than 100 resources for digital-marketing (blogs, YouTube channels and podcasts) that can be useful for a digital marketer. Read also:What is content marketing? List of digital marketing tools and free marketing [...]

What is the difference between a web developer and a web designer?

Read also What exactly is the difference between Web Design & Web Development? Often the employer expects that the contractor will both develop the site design and implement it, however, each of these tasks should be more properly trusted by the relevant specialist. Not everyone has a clear idea of ​​how a web designer differs from [...]

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7 Ways to Improve Website Design

Scientists at Stanford University conducted a survey that showed that 46% of respondents form an opinion about the site based on its appearance and interface. If the user, does not like the design  then all the content seems unreliable and not trustworthy. In this article I want to talk about what are the ways to [...]

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