Facebook new user agreement : Mark Zuckerberg gave testimony to senators

Founder Facebook Mark Zuckerberg for almost five hours testified in the US Senate on the case of identity theft of users. Officials were interested in the intervention of the British company Cambridge Analytica in the US presidential election. Zuckerberg acknowledged the mistakes of his company and promised to correct them. "Facebook is a company of idealists [...]

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How chat bots help to increase conversion

If you ask Google "What is omnipotence?" Here is what it will answer: the quality of having unlimited or very great power. So, to be successful in business today, you need to be present everywhere: social networks, media, profile conferences, news and ... messengers. We linked the omnipotence with the conversion, because being anywhere your [...]

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100+ Internet resources for digital-marketers

Despite the fact that the promotion in internet has its own specifics, some knowledge can be obtained from different resources. In this list there are more than 100 resources for digital-marketing (blogs, YouTube channels and podcasts) that can be useful for a digital marketer. Read also:What is content marketing? List of digital marketing tools and free marketing [...]

What social network to choose for doing business online?

When you are engaged in sales in social networks, it is important to understand not only clients, but also platforms on which you communicate with them. Let's figure out which social networks are right for your type of business, advantages and disadvantages of social networking and categories of social media. Types of social networking services Read also [...]

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Video marketing in social networks: the most important indicators in 2017

Did you know that a Facebook video gets an average 135% more organic coverage than a photo? Or that 73% of B2B marketers talk about the positive impact of video on ROI? Video- captures social networks. In our survey, 83% of marketers said they would like to create more video content, if they were not [...]

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6 typical mistakes when publishing posts on Facebook.

What could be difficult to publish posts on Facebook? It is generally accepted that any schoolboy will cope with this task. But one thing is when you post posts on your personal page, and the other on corporate. Unfortunately, many Facebook users make a lot of mistakes when posting content on their public pages, sometimes even [...]

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Social Media. What to expect?

Reading time 5 minutes. Social media has become so widespread that any company - whether it's a start-up with a minimum number of employees or a large global brand - sees this communication channel as a must. But ubiquitous distribution does not always mean effectiveness. Is it worth waiting for innovations in this area, and [...]

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