Review of the best services for the site speed test

Today we will talk on a difficult topic - about optimizing the speed of site load. Many seo-experts try to avoid this parameter, because work on improving it requires a lot of effort, and the result is not always obvious. But we believe that you are not one of them. So we gain patience, carefully [...]

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Whom to choose, a Freelancer or Web-studio ?

Whom to choose, a freelance web developer or Web-studio (website design company )? Before promoting the site, the question arises who will do this. Future choices and success depend on the right choice. If the decision is wrong, the budget is merged, the time is spent up to six months, and in the worst case, [...]

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Free creation of high-quality back links

In this guide I will try to explain how to create backlinks manually. The bulk of SEO companies say that they are engaged in white external promotion of sites and do not use any black methods. In fact, the opposite is true. The methods they use are far from white, and the real ones are [...]

How chat bots help to increase conversion

If you ask Google "What is omnipotence?" Here is what it will answer: the quality of having unlimited or very great power. So, to be successful in business today, you need to be present everywhere: social networks, media, profile conferences, news and ... messengers. We linked the omnipotence with the conversion, because being anywhere your [...]

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100+ Internet resources for digital-marketers

Despite the fact that the promotion in internet has its own specifics, some knowledge can be obtained from different resources. In this list there are more than 100 resources for digital-marketing (blogs, YouTube channels and podcasts) that can be useful for a digital marketer. Read also:What is content marketing? List of digital marketing tools and free marketing [...]

17 strategies for website promotion based on back links

Perhaps you will not find anything new in this article, and we can only congratulate you on this, most do not know even half. And if not, then we highly recommend starting to work, and please start with the first paragraph. This will be the biggest and most important step in your optimization strategy and [...]

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What social network to choose for doing business online?

When you are engaged in sales in social networks, it is important to understand not only clients, but also platforms on which you communicate with them. Let's figure out which social networks are right for your type of business, advantages and disadvantages of social networking and categories of social media. Types of social networking services Read also [...]

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1 + 7 of the most interesting SEO trends

What will be remembered for this year and what are the freshest website optimization techniques? A lot of changes occurred in this year in the world of search engine promotion. Among them: removal of PageRank, expansion of snippets and inclusion of Penguin, an algorithm that estimates the link site profile, into the main Google algorithm. Read [...]

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