10 soft skills that an IT professional needs to upgrade
In the modern world, the concept of “professionalism” is embedded more than 20 years ago. If you want to build a successful career in IT, in addition to hard skills (mathematics, programming, knowledge of current frameworks and technologies), you also need to develop another set of skills –
Image optimization for your site
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An important criterion for your site visitors to enter the site, and not prematurely refuse to load the page speed, both on the desktop and on the mobile phone. In addition, search engines will index and place higher on search results pages that load quickly in four seconds. A download speed of up to 2 […
With or without www in site address?
The question in the title can be formulated otherwise, something like: ” How does the SEO affect the web in front of the domain? “Or one more loud” Do we have duplicate content if the site displays pages with www and without www? “. The domain is free of www, but for historical
HTTP vs HTTPS,all you need about https
Login to the HTTPS site in the same order as the input on the HTTP site, except that all data is transmitted encrypted. When you visit a website with an https prefix, you “sip” the web server that you want to establish a secure connection channel. HTTPS will use a different port (number 443) to […
Review of the best services for the site speed test
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Today we will talk on a difficult topic – about optimizing the speed of site load. Many seo-experts try to avoid this parameter, because work on improving it requires a lot of effort, and the result is not always obvious. But we believe that you are not one of them. So we gain patience, carefully […
Whom to choose, a Freelancer or Web-studio ?
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Whom to choose, a freelance web developer or Web-studio (website design company )? Before promoting the site, the question arises who will do this. Future choices and success depend on the right choice. If the decision is wrong, the budget is merged, the time is spent up to six months, and in the worst case, […
How to reduce the load speed of your website.
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The loading website performance analysis is one of the most important indicators when creating a website or Internet applications. According to the research of various analysts from Google, people usually watch less than the first 25 seconds of the video, and some even less than 10 seconds , proceeding
Checklist for launching the website
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Introduction Regardless of who you are, the owner of the site or the web developer, there are a number of items that you should check before you consider the project to create the site complete. In this article I want to offer a list that will help you not to lose any details before launching […]
7 Tips for Speeding Up Your Site
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Foreword When creating a client-oriented site, you need to consider and think about a lot of things, from creative (design, filling) to technical (layout, placement on the Internet). For customers, every detail is important, so it’s important to look not only at the outside of your project –
Online Resources for those who want to learn Programming
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I do not know what moved the American programmer Patrick McConlogue, but once on his way to work he decided to conduct an interesting social experiment. He offered one of the homeless, habitually located on the lawn in the city park, to make a choice: get a 100-dollar bill immediately or go through a free […