10 easy and simple ways to increase the number of retweets.
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Every marketer would give a lot for the ability to work with Twitter so that the number of followers constantly grew and was estimated in tens and hundreds of thousands, and every tweet found a response and gave feedback. But thanks to a recent study of Hubspot you don’
6 typical mistakes when publishing posts on Facebook.
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What could be difficult to publish posts on Facebook? It is generally accepted that any schoolboy will cope with this task. But one thing is when you post posts on your personal page, and the other on corporate. Unfortunately, many Facebook users make a lot of mistakes when posting content on their public
Social Media. What to expect?
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Reading time 5 minutes. Social media has become so widespread that any company – whether it’s a start-up with a minimum number of employees or a large global brand – sees this communication channel as a must. But ubiquitous distribution does not always mean effectiveness.
What is content marketing?
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Reading time: 8 minutes Do not believe if you are told that content marketing is the future of business. This is already the present. Today, analysts are talking about the explosive growth of this area of ​​Internet marketing. Content marketing – if you have not already heard this word, then remember it, you will hear […
Tips and key trends in SEO that you need to consider
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“None of us know how to predict the future, but analyzing the latest developments in SEO and trends in the Internet marketing industry as a whole allows the specialist to get an idea of ​​what to expect in the coming years.” Google and Yandex are constantly improving their search algorithms
SEO trends For Driving Traffic To Your Website
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The world of SEO is dynamically developing and changing, every year there are new requirements, trends, but there are many already familiar moments. Obviously, SEO innovations are mutated variants of standard functions or their logical continuation. Read also : White Hat SEO methods of website promotion
The easiest way to create a wordpress website for beginners.
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A step by step guide we begin with having the idea of you future website, choosing a domain name for it and finding the place where you website will live (Web Hosting Service). For any purpose you have in mind, we recommend WordPress as your website CMS (Content Management System). Taking in consideration that more […
How to start and develop a web studio.
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Starting a web design or development job is not an easy task. It requires a lot of ambition, tenacity and diligence to get things started. Although you might be faced with a lot of hard situations that might impact the growth and success of your venture, staying focused is the secret to making your dreams […
How can people with disabilities make money by using WordPress?
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Have you ever tried making money with WordPress before? People especially those with disabilities can earn money online by making proper use of WordPress possibilities. Its popularity and functionality suits those who want to earn easy money online from the comfort of their homes using the convenience it offers.