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Logistics and transportation services are needed by companies and individuals, be it a restaurant that needs fresh vegetables on time or a person who decides to make a major purchase abroad. The company that organizes such assistance is expected not only to be reliable and meeting deadlines. Now, in the era of GPS, tracking and other modern technologies, it is best to present yourself and your advantages by using Internet resources. Under the popular WordPress platform, many great shipping website templates are offered.

All templates are presented from the popular ThemeForest online store. You can look at other collections on the link.

15 Shipping & Logistics Website Templates for goods transportation services companies website

website template

1. Pearl

For just $ 39 you get more than 200 blocks with a finished design on different topics. Specifically for transport logistics there is an interesting modern website template development – a convenient one-page, which, if desired, can be developed to a larger resource. The kit includes:

  • convenient setting of built-in sliders;
  • adaptability to any screen format;
  • Rubber headers;
  • some useful plugins.

The easiest way is to take a ready-made template for a cargo delivery site and simply replace the text, logo, image.




trucking WordPress

2. Logistics

A specialized cargo website template is designed for a powerful resource on the subject of transportation of goods. It is noteworthy that it can be not only a business card – there is a login plugin for the client, with the help of which they not only leave applications but also make their wishes, track the load. All communication with the client occurs through one resource – this is convenient for both customers and owners of the freight transport business.





3. Translogic

Highly focused WordPress theme for transport services. Well suited for those who deliver parcels to individuals – a track tracking script is included. The design is simple, in the form of a landing page, but it is easily customizable. Also included:

  • adaptability considering Retina screens;
  • SEO optimization;
  • instant installation.

Several useful scripts allow you to calculate the cost, timing, and other important details for potential customers. This delivery site template is great for demonstrating the benefits of a company in a visual way.




logistics site

4. Global Logistics

The bright yellow design of the cargo delivery website template is far from the only noticeable quality. Mobile optimization, “rubber” headers, and other elements necessary in 2020 are included by default. Pay attention to:

  1. custom pricing table;
  2. Fast calculator taking into account the details of shipment or dispatch
  3. advanced contact forms;
  4. the ability to blog.

From this template you can make far more than just a business card site. A good option for a serious company.





5. Transcargo

Strict blue design, all the necessary scripts and settings. Installs with one click. An interesting feature: the ability to load a large map, according to which the client will be able to track the movement of goods online. Great business card and the opportunity to advertise their services.




make a website on the topic of logistics

6. TransPress

The built-in calculator of the logistics company website template will calculate all the details, offer the potential customer the most profitable option. You don’t have to bother with the design – five pre-installed and “assembled” versions look strictly, in a businesslike way, they have everything you need. Just replace the standard text with your own and get started. Adapted to the Cyrillic alphabet.




theme for the site

7. TheGem

A convenient delivery company landing page website template, on which you will be able to describe the main advantages and methods of providing services. Additionally, you can always connect other scripts, blog, report some details. There is a ready-made attractive design with a bright blue design and clean Google fonts. Responsiveness is achieved through maximum interactivity.




water delivery

8. Bridge – option one

This Cargo services website template on WordPress for landing pages and large resources deserves mention. One of the most popular WordPress themes offers great opportunities for the presentation of logistics services. First option:

  • pure white design;
  • bright title picture with parallax scrolling;
  • many subdirectories for a full site.

All together – solid and elegant.




delivery of small orders

9. Bridge – option two

This shipping services website template is more designed for small business and B2C audience. Small parcels, delivery within the city or region, courier services – all this is perfectly reflected in a fun and at the same time beautiful design. Full adaptability and low weight – consumes a minimum of traffic.




Beautiful design

10. Wheelco

The exclusive logistics website template on WordPress also can be used for, cargo, delivery. The authors promise personalized icons, an individual design – it really deserves attention, as well as other advantages:

  1. plug-in calculator;
  2. display on all devices;
  3. no need to know the code;
  4. adaptation for search engines.

Support is available to answer questions 24 hours a day.




wordpress website template

11. BeTheme

Development from people who believe that you need not only useful but also beautiful transport logistics agency website template. The design theme in a minimalistic white with black and yellow graphics style looks interesting and “expensive” in the good sense of the word. Causes respect, makes you take you seriously. Trendy isometric illustrations will help to convey in an understandable form the features of your services and advantages.




worldwide shipping

12. Transport WP Transportation & Logistic

Goods transportation website template with 8 ready-made demos – one of these designs with all forms and scripts is quite simple to install in a few clicks to use in the future. Want to change something? Not a problem: simple, clear settings in the visual editor will not require coding knowledge.




template on the theme of transport

13. Transport

The name and functionality on the trucking website template is similar to the previous version. Here are seven pages suggested by developers. Four premium plugins:

  • visual setting;
  • connecting sliders;
  • One-click changes
  • ready-made adaptability, regardless of the adjustments made.

Fast loading and excellent display on different monitors and screens.




Logistics 2019


Great transportation of goods website template with excellent support and regular updates. Under the theme of transportation offer a simple and stylish template in white and blue style, its own icons and other graphic elements guarantee memorability.




trucking landing page

15. LeadEngine

And again a big transport and logistics website template, this time more than thirty ready-made options. For companies involved in transportation, an interesting animated design with a large number of scripts has been proposed. It is possible to insert customer reviews.



Logistics services are relevant, as many people buy abroad and transport goods to partners. Transport services easily pay off if there are a lot of applications. And to achieve a high conversion you will need the help of professional ready-made WordPress sites.

Have questions about premium templates? I have prepared an article for you with answers to frequently asked questions on premium themes (purchase, customization, etc.). You can study the article here.

Which template do you like more? Write in the comments.

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