Who is a freelancer and what does he do?

Freelancer – a person working remotely, he chooses the task that suits him at a price and complexity. It’s a specialist in a certain field, always working non officially. Can simultaneously work with several customers.

Most often his work is connected with Internet activities. You can also find a freelancer via the Internet, through special exchanges, such as www.freelancer.com . This kind of work is usually called freelancing. For this, no license is required, and taxes are paid by the performer himself (he often opens an “individual entrepreneur”).

Plan of the article:

  1. Types of work the freelancer does
  2. Peculiarities of work activity

Types of work the freelancer does

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Below we will consider the main types of work that are popular among freelancers:

Journalism. Many magazines hire remote employees to edit text and images, as this is beneficial and useful for the magazine. Therefore, “snatch” the tasty place of the remote employee will not be difficult. However, I also include writing articles for websites, that is, copywrite and rewrite, which is very popular.

The price of such publications is not high, however, one can take the amount of work and get a good income. A positive reputation will include in the work “recommendations” that will help find yourself customers that offer much more profitable orders.

Web mastering. Another popular job that freelancers give is the creation of websites. Today, more and more companies open their business on the Internet and they need good websites for this. And the competition among the sites is only for the benefit of the “free artist”, as firms have to constantly expand and improve their online projects, and without the webmaster they will not succeed.

Well, to keep a permanent programmer in the staff is unprofitable. Therefore, you can safely occupy this niche. Usually freelancers buy cheap Premium WordPress Template and customize it in dependence of the order.

Web design. A modern kind of work that will suit creative personalities who like to create original creations. To say that there is not a huge demand for design, but very good money are paid for such work. A deep search will give the right number of customers, and, consequently, will bring a high profit. Web designers can hire on an ongoing basis, especially companies working with content (videos, articles, advertisements).

Internet advertising. It’s not enough just to create a site in the global web, you need it to bring more targeted customers, and this will only happen with the right advertising campaign, which is done by specially trained people – optimizers. The work is quite profitable and interesting.

Good optimizers are especially appreciated. It is reduced to work on the project and advertising. Everyone can learn, but there is only one problem – you have to comprehend everything by yourself, as this is not taught anywhere.

Consultative activity (jurisprudence, architecture, interior design). If you consider yourself a professional in a certain field, have a higher education diploma and experience in a given field, then businesses or individuals can communicate with you for online consultations.

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Peculiarities of freelancing activity

Let’s consider now the benefits of such work and what problems should be expected from it.

Independence from the employer. Many of us hate their bosses, and in freelancing this problem can be solved simply enough – to give up work and find another customer. Do not have to listen to his reproaches and even more to do the work above the norm.

Free schedule. Working from 8:00 to 18:00, 6 days a week is, of course, good, however, not everyone is satisfied with this schedule. Sometimes you want to get a weekend out of the week or to sleep a little longer, it’s all possible with freelancing and no one will reproach you.

Especially freedom is useful for those people who understand their biological clock or work productively in the evening. A free schedule is especially suitable for young mothers or students who would like to combine work with other useful things.

Specialization. Sometimes it happens that you come to work as a manager, and you are forced to carry a load, and print a report of the chief. Here you work exclusively in your specialty, for which you get your hard earned.

Work with foreign customers. I think everyone knows that our employers are very greedy and do not want to appreciate the work. Freelancer also can find an order on foreign websites, on which they pay much more money. Although there will have to learn a foreign language.

Independence from the place of residence. Beginners freelancers can not always immediately find good customers, because of low experience their income is not particularly high. However, if you live in a small town far from the regional center, then according to local standards, earnings will be very decent.

In addition, you can change your place of residence, live where income will sufficient. For example, in Thailand, where the subsistence level is low, however, there will always be summer in the yard. You can rent a house near the sea and eat fruit, and at the same time earn only 700-900$ per month and it will be enough.

High income. Work in the office is inconvenient because salary will always be fixed, no matter how well you work. In freelancing you get as much – as you worked. Therefore, revenues can be many times higher. The main thing is not to be lazy!

Work at home. Many of us want to spend more time with their family. You think it’s impossible? You are mistaken! Try to be a freelancer.
Work with those people who are impressed. You can work not only alone, but, for example, with colleagues, even virtual ones, to take larger orders. However, colleagues can be chosen by you  . In addition, freelancing is the first step to creating your own business.

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Lack of real colleagues and communication. If at the beginning of such work we are satisfied with the absence of society, then we begin to miss the team, break and communicate. After all, being alone in the four walls is not a very pleasant prospect. Therefore, try to work outside the home, for example, in a cafe or in nature. This will add to your optimism.

Health problems. The desire to work and earn more can play a cruel joke on health, so do not forget about sports and physical activity. Otherwise, health problems could appear. Do not spend your free time at the computer!

You need to keep control of yourself. Freedom gets you drunk and you get relaxed, so there will be days when you have to force yourself to work. Be disciplined if you sit down to work -then work! Do not be distracted by extraneous things, you already have enough free time to have fun than others.

Lack of social package. If you do not pay taxes, then you should not expect a decent pension. Freelancers are not paid for sick days, and even more so ordinary vacation. This is a minus in the treasury of the shortcomings of freelancing.

Problems with relatives. Far not everyone understands this kind of activity. Many people think that the normal work is just the one you wake up and visit the office every day, so be prepared for the fact that you will not be understood and even condemned.

Risks. There is always a chance not to find a worthy customer, and therefore, to lose your income. On the Internet there are a lot of fraud, so at beginning you can stumble upon it. Consider this fact when choosing a freelancer profession.

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Do you want to become a freelancer?

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