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Project Description



The Creed theme was specially created for churches, prayer groups, religious people, non-profit groups.

Creed is a part of The Core, a multi purpose template that comes along with multiple demos. 

Share your faith online with our religious theme


Creed is a warm theme for church & religion oriented websites. This template is quite charming and was conceived to be a tool to touch souls with. It comes with features for sermons, special events, videos, images, locations, custom specific icons, buttons and a blogging section.

What you can do with Creed

Creed WP theme is suitable for: churches, religion and charity organizations, parishes, non-profit organizations, religious communities and other similar websites. It gives the possibility to create a powerful & memorable presence online to spread your message to as many people as possible.

Advantages of this WP theme

Creed was created to meet the requirements of any faith & beliefs website. This template has some unique features & dedicated areas for pastors preaches, sermon sharings and many other resourceful tools that could help you in promoting your sacred mission. This religious theme is donation ready and easy to use.

 Built-in unique features

This church theme gives you the opportunity to share all religious celebrations & events in a monthly calendar. You’ve also got a section from where your visitors can download sermons & religious music. The theme comes up with an excellent map integration and a way to share your contact details.

Additional theme’s details

The template allows you to implement an easy to implement donation system that could be quite useful and helpful. Creed WordPress theme also has been designed with a creative ‘about page’ for you to share your prayer group or church hi