8 premium WordPress Themes for Solar Panel, Wind Turbines and Alternative Energy Shop Website (May 2017)

The life of modern man is simply inconceivable without energy. Disconnection of electricity seems to be a disaster, people no longer think of life without transport and cooking, for example , food at the stake, gas or electric stove-this is already a hobby. Until now, we use for the production of energy or organic fuel [...]

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Why it is worth choosing premium WordPress Templates

Website creation is an important moment for the development of any business, and therefore it must be treated with all responsibility. One of the best solutions for this is WordPress. In a very short period of its existence (just over 10 years) WordPress has become one of the most popular platforms not only for bloggers, [...]

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23 Best Blogging WordPress Themes (May 2017).

Do you want to become a blogger, but you doubt whether this is a worthy profession (this is not taught in college)? Do not doubt! Perhaps this is the best profession in the world. In the article you will find 12 arguments in favor of this position and then we will recommend you the Best [...]

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28 Most Actual Online Store WordPress Themes (May 2017).

So what is this - online shopping? This is a purchase, for the implementation of which you do not need to leave the walls of the office or apartment. You also do not need to stand in traffic jams on the way to the shopping center or go in a stuffy bus. That's why shopping [...]

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9 WordPress themes for Travel Blogs, Travel agencies, Hotels and resorts, Vocation Booking in 2017.

Tourism and travel are an integral part of our life. A modern person who goes on a trip needs to know a lot, especially if one is to travel abroad - visa registration, legislation, peculiarities of culture and traditions of different countries and regions. In many cases, knowing all this is not only interesting, but [...]

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8 Best WordPress Themes for Network Multilevel Marketing in 2017.

Network (multilevel) marketing (MLM) is a new direction in the modern world of business, which is based on a bilateral network marketing equal partnership, in which one company, the manufacturer of a product, participates on one side, and on the other hand, the person who concluded with this Company contract. The company is responsible for [...]

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The easiest way to create a wordpress website for beginners.

A step by step guide we begin with having the idea of you future website, choosing a domain name for it and finding the place where you website will live (Web Hosting Service). For any purpose you have in mind, we recommend WordPress as your website CMS (Content Management System). Taking in consideration that more [...]

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How can people with disabilities make money by using WordPress?

Have you ever tried making money with WordPress before? People especially those with disabilities can earn money online by making proper use of WordPress possibilities. Its popularity and functionality suits those who want to earn easy money online from the comfort of their homes using the convenience it offers. Would you like to know some [...]

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Best WordPress Themes of 2017 by Teslathemes.com

1. LOCALES – CITY GUIDE WORDPRESS THEME Locales is a directory WordPress theme built to create lists of businesses such as Restaurants, Shops, Bars, Pubs, Cafes and much more. This theme supports user submitted listings so content creation for your web-site will be much easier. Locales is the perfect combination of a beautiful and [...]

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