How to increase the speed of the site load. How to speed up the work of the site.

The loading speed of the site is one of the most important indicators when creating a website or Internet applications. According to the research of various analysts from Google, people usually watch less than the first 25 seconds of the video, and some even less than 10 seconds , proceeding from this, it would be [...]

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How to remove a virus from the WordPress site, Types of viruses

I will pay more attention to WordPress, but many tips will be useful to people working on other engines. Often people come to me with a question of cleaning the site on WordPress and how to determine that the site was hacked. I'll tell you what viruses are and how difficult it is to fight [...]

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9 WordPress Plugins For Malware Detection On WordPress Site

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) used by people either for simple blogging, or for other purposes, such as creating an online store. There are many plugins and themes to choose from. Some of them are free, some are not. Often these themes are downloaded by people who have configured [...]

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How to search for malicious code in WordPress without antivirus and scanners

The truth of life is that the site sooner or later can crack. After successful exploitation of the vulnerability, the hacker tries to gain a foothold on the site, placing hacker web shells, loaders in the system directories and introducing backdoors into the script code and the CMS database. To detect malicious code in files [...]

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How to remove a virus or malicious code from WordPress?

As one of the most popular platforms, WordPress from time to time is attacked by trojans, malicious code, etc. There are several articles about the security of sites created with WordPress. They also contain information about how to clean up your resource from malware. This topic is so urgent and critical that the constant discussion [...]

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How to protect WordPress from hacking? WordPress Security

Today, hacking WordPress is a pretty dangerous common problem. It seems to me that out of 10 bloggers about 6 are exposed to either hacking their site or are infected with malware. More and more views are earning content on how to avoid hacking WordPress, and every day there is the new material. Many readers [...]

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17 Ways to Protect Your Website on WordPress

To date, WordPress is one of the most popular and widespread content management systems in the world. Based on this convenient and simple engine, many blogs, websites, portals are built. But such simplicity and prevalence attract attention not only of honest users, but also of intruders. Any student can create a website now, but to [...]

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Is it time to change the theme of your WordPress site ?

If you are not a professional web developer, perhaps you do not particularly go into the details of how the theme used for WordPress is specifically designed. But, despite this, it is easy to determine whether your topic meets the current requirements for websites. Or it's time to invest in updating it and replacing it [...]

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