Why chat bots are the future of large data

Recently, chat bots have gain serious popularity, turning from entertainment for geeks in almost a must have-feature in all sorts of messengers, social networks and sites. And in many cases, chat bots are not used to entertain the idle public, but to solve very serious business problems. They just make it more friendly and confidential, in [...]

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Tips for choosing a web design studio in 2017

Web studio: tasks, functions, perspectives: Web studio is a team of professionals that develops and creates web projects, which includes: websites, design, programming, optimization, promotion, Internet advertising and multimedia, and other Internet products. Each web-studio usually practices an individual approach to the client, creates unique exclusive developments, this is a distinctive feature. After all, many [...]

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Trends of Web Design in 2017

In 2017, web designers will work closely with developers, create more bots and try to embed virtual reality technology into the sites. Such conclusions follow from the article head of the content strategy section of the Webflow project John Williams (John Moore Williams) about the trends of web design in 2017.  1. Content is more [...]

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