SEO Trends in 2017

All the owners of more or less popular Internet sites are monitoring what is happening in the field of search engine optimization. Changes in this area are almost constant - at least in 2017, SEO specialists had to change some of their methods of promoting sites in search results. Predicting what can happen in 2017 [...]

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10 useful resources for blogging

There are countless resources available to a modern blogger. Gone are the days when you had to look through hundreds of sources to find information about blogging. Now a simple query "resources for bloggers" in the Google search engine produces a lot of results with articles on how to create and develop your blog. However, [...]

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23 most popular WordPress plugins (July 2017)

Introduction WordPress is one of the most common CMS in the world: data for 2016 indicate that more than 25% of all sites on the Internet use WordPress, and their number is steadily growing. The popularity of this CMS is not accidental - this content management system provides a lot of opportunities, it is free, [...]

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Online Resources for those who want to learn Programming in 2017

I do not know what moved the American programmer Patrick McConlogue, but once on his way to work he decided to conduct an interesting social experiment. He offered one of the homeless, habitually located on the lawn in the city park, to make a choice: get a 100-dollar bill immediately or go through a free [...]

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SEO in 2017: 7 Important Trends in Website Promotion in Google

Take into account the main trends of 2017 to improve the SEO promotion of the site in Google. By the way, let's be clear before the beginning of the article: I'm not an expert in SEO-promotion. Just knowing English well and having an increased interest in this topic, I started looking for the best (people, [...]

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What is the difference between a web developer and a web designer?

Often the employer expects that the contractor will both develop the site design and implement it, however, each of these tasks should be more properly trusted by the relevant specialist. Not everyone has a clear idea of ​​how a web designer differs from a web developer and why one can not do the work of [...]

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Free Do Follow BackLinks to your website (July 2017 List)

Backlink Backlink is a link from a third-party resource that leads to a page of your site and transfers the weight from the donor to the acceptor. The increase in the number of site backlinks leads to the growth of its popularity and positions in the search engines for keywords that are indicated in the [...]

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