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Who is a freelancer and what does he do?

Freelancer - a person working remotely, he chooses the task that suits him at a price and complexity. It's a specialist in a certain field, always working non officially. Can simultaneously work with several customers. Most often his work is connected with Internet activities. You can also find a freelancer via the Internet, through special [...]

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Copywriting – what is it?

Copywriting is one of the most popular methods of easy earning on the Internet. This type of activity is the writing of high-quality advertising and information texts for magazines and other information publications. However, on internet under copywriting is understood a slightly different meaning, and it is used for a few other purposes. In this [...]

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Choosing the Ideal WordPress Theme – 9 Things You Should Consider in 2017

Most beginners feel insecure when it comes to choosing a theme for their WordPress site. There are thousands of free and paid options. Each theme looks better than others. How do you choose the best theme for WordPress? In this article we will share 9 things that you need to consider, so you can choose [...]

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Top 20 Best Premium WordPress Themes for Photographers (June 2017)

A photographer is a creative profession in which it is desirable to have a portfolio. But how does a photographer advertise himself and show his portfolio to more people? Having asked such a question, many photographers decide to create their own website. If you are a professional photographer, then having your own website can significantly [...]

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List Of The Best High PR Do Follow Profile Back-Links Creation Websites.

Not everyone has the opportunity to spend bigĀ amounts of money to promote their project. Someone resorts to the exchange of links, someone to the guest posts and reviews for the link, and someone keeps in their arsenal all these ways and tries to look for new ones. For today, there are so many ways to [...]

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Important Trends in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for 2017

A new year has come, and with it new opportunities for search engine optimization have appeared. The best proven methods will stay with us for these 12 months, but some strategies may lose their effectiveness. It is important to determine which of the emerging trends can bring success in 2017. Properly using them, you can [...]

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Top 10 Best Real Estate Premium WordPress Themes (June 2017)

Before we will present to you Top 10 Best Real Estate agencies Premium WordPress Themes collection of June 2017 we want to inform you about some of the Real Estate agencies websites features. If you own a real estate agency and you plan to develop a site, its creation must be carried out taking into [...]

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A full free-writing guide (June 2017)

What can I learn about free-writing in Internet? 1. It is often confused with other methods of developing thinking. 2. The articles retell the six secrets of free-writing by Marc Levy: Write without effort; Do it quickly and continuously; Work with a time limit; Write as you think; Develop a thought; Reorient attention. 3. There [...]

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