17 strategies for website promotion based on back links

Perhaps you will not find anything new in this article, and we can only congratulate you on this, most do not know even half. And if not, then we highly recommend starting to work, and please start with the first paragraph. This will be the biggest and most important step in your optimization strategy for your reference profile.

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1. Check the backlink profile of your site

It would seem that checking the link profile is the basics of any site optimization, but you will not believe how many people do not even know where to go and which buttons to click on to check it.

And it does not matter, you bought the coolest and fancy program, or use the public Google Search Console – use it! But know that different tools show different data, so it’s better to choose one thing and work with it.

2. Watch your competitors

I do not like peeping and copying other people’s ideas, and I’m sure that many will disagree with me. But what I like is to figure out what the competitors do not have, and what I can use in a competitive SEO fight is not to catch up, but to be in front.

Beautiful SEO tool BuzzSumo for surveillance. Customers often ask: “How come, I have twice as many external links to my site than a competitor, and he’s taller than me.” Or: “I’ve been extradited for a long time, and then a newcomer came and immediately overtook me. How so? ». Using BuzzSumo to understand what and why it happens will not be difficult.

3. Do not start from the assumption – “the more, the better”

Spreading 10 posts a week on the site is, of course, great if you can afford it. But if you, as an overwhelming majority, do not know what to write about, then do not write. It’s pointless to produce low-quality content. It is very difficult to get a backlink even for very high-quality material, and for poor quality – no chance!

4. Do not be surprised if you “give up” on marketing you will see that marketing “gave up” on you

Everyone does something, everyone promotes, optimizes, develops their resources. Therefore, if you decide to “give up”, know, and be sure that you will immediately lag behind. We had many clients who left as soon as they achieved the results they needed. And you know that, more than half came back. In this business you can not be “hammered”.

5. Do not underestimate the power of contextual advertising

Contextual advertising in conjunction with the link promotion strategy can bring very good results. If you can not promote the site for certain key queries, I see no problem to call for help contextual advertising and close this gap.

On the other hand, if you are already in the leaders of the SERP, and you do not want to spend money on contextual advertising because it’s expensive – do not waste it. Well, if, of course, the impact of the context is not worth it.

6. Thoroughly approach the study of the topic for content

You can write an excellent article for your blog, but if this article is not on the topic – your audience will not appreciate it.

7. Build a sincere relationship

Do not communicate with someone just to get a backlink, or on Twitter or Facebook. If you spend all your time just to get this type of link, then be prepared for something that will stop paying attention to you. Insincerity is very felt.

8. Be courteous when spinning your product

Do not send everyone a link to your new article (in order to get a repost and link), especially if you write 5 articles a week. This only leads to irritation.


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9. Think in advance about where and how you will promote your content

Do not think that you will be seen and appreciated (even with the most interesting text), if you are not visible. A few years ago it was possible, but now it’s gone – too much noise.

Let’s go back to BuzzSumo, because this is the perfect tool to see what type of posts which type of audience likes most.

10. Share not only what is beneficial only to you

There is a type of people in Twitter who only deal with their posts, and even several times so that you, God forbid, do not miss. Do not be like that. You can get a lot more benefit from sharing other people’s content. This is a great opportunity for new contacts.

11. Do not forget about the risks and rules

Violation of the rules of “traffic” on the Internet is becoming an increasing problem. And only you decide how much you can “exceed the speed”. But you must know and understand all the risks and consequences.

Do not listen to those who say that a violation of the rules of nonsense. Maybe no, maybe yes. Everything is as on the road, as lucky, but you must clearly understand that there are rules, and that there is punishment for their violation.

12. Always ask questions

Always ask why this or that system of optimization and promotion of your site is used, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of these methods.

13. Stop chasing search algorithms

Remember the times when exact phrases were inserted into the text anchors ? We learn every day, trying to understand what works today and gives results when promoting a site, and what not. But it’s actually easier, start creating good backlinks, and you’ll get results much faster than following the “rules”.

14. Stop rushing each time reading something new

I’m sure that everyone has a client who reads SEO articles a lot, and tries to “help” you and give valuable advice after each article. And we ourselves, not infrequently, fall into a reverie after the next revelations of respectable publications. It must be very critical to approach every news, no matter where it came from. SEO is a very sluggish lady, which is very difficult to stop or even deploy.

15. Remember that the top of the SERP is not everything.

It is necessary to quit chasing the TOP of search results. They are not an end. There are people who hate nofollow links, simply because they do not convey the weight to your site, and do not at all think about the traffic that these links can bring to your site and turn into real sales.

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16. Increase your best backlinks

Analyze your backlinks, paying attention to what real benefits they bring to you. Especially it concerns high-quality traffic. Also think, whence to take similar links still. Maybe your traffic comes from an old article? Then it makes sense to think and write a new article, and put it in the same edition?

If your articles are so popular and carry traffic not only to you, but to the publisher, why not ask for a column? In the end, the attempt is not torture!

17. Do not chase after each link.

There are a million sites and opportunities to get a backlink. And there are your opportunities and your time. Choose.


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